Grigory Fedyukovich

I am an Assistant Professor at Florida State University. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Lugano under the supervision of Prof Natasha Sharygina and then a postdoc at the University of Washington with Prof Rastislav Bodik and at Princeton University with Prof Aarti Gupta.

Main directions of my research:

An outline of my contributions, research vision, and ongoing work is available here. I published more than 30 papers, coauthored with researchers from Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, King's College London, Saint Petersburg State University, Charles University in Prague, Universities of Washington, Minnesota, Waterloo, and Lugano, and TCS Research Pune. I am always open to constructive feedback and collaboration.


I (sub-)reviewed submissions at TOSEM '19 (+1), TSE '19, SQJO '19, CAV '19, NFM '19, VPT '19, FMCAD '18, ATVA '18, SPIN '18, TOPLAS '18, TOSEM '18, CAV '18, TACAS '18, HVC '17, FMCAD '17, HCVS '17, RV '17, SAS '17, SEFM '17, CAV '17, TACAS '17, FM '16, FMCAD '16, VSTTE '16 (including selected journal submissions), CAV '16, HCVS '16, TACAS '16 (including selected journal submissions), FMCAD '15, CAV '15, FM '15, NFM '15, TACAS '15, JAR-Interpolation '14, CAV '14, PSI '14, FMCAD '14, TACAS '14, FMCAD '13, TACAS '13, VSSE '13, DATE '12, FMCAD '12, GandALF '12, CAV '12, VSTTE '12, FMCAD '11, MEMOCODE '11, and TACAS '11.

I am the co-chair of HCVS '19, the program chair of VSSE '18 and VSSE '16, the local organization chair of RV '17, and the organization committee member of VSSE '14, CAV '13, FMCAD '10, and AVM '10.

Last update: Nov 2019

Assistant Professor at Florida State University

Links: CV (pdf), DBLP, Google Scholar, ORCID


I am looking for students with a background in mathematics and logic to work on a number of interesting projects.