CS Colloquium Spring 2024






Fault Simulation, Detection and Analysis for Monte Carlo Computational Resilience Florida State University Jan 12, 2024 -
Toward Private, Secure, and Robust AI-Enabled Voice Services Michigan State University Jan 17, 2024 -
Pushing Acoustic Sensing from the Laboratory to Real World: Theories, Applications, and Practical Problems University of Massachusetts Amherst Jan 22, 2024 -
Responsible Graph Machine Learning Under a Fairness Lens University of Virginia Jan 24, 2024 -
Make LLMs More Accessible: Scale LLM Fine-tuning and Serving Efficiently Rice University Jan 26, 2024 -
Harnessing Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Equity and Fairness University at Buffalo Jan 29, 2024 -

Jingchao Ni

Robust Learning with Evolving Data Streams for Personalized Healthcare Amazon Jan 31, 2024 -

Zhichun Guo

Empowering Graph Neural Networks for Real-world Tasks University of Notre Dame Fed 02, 2024 -

Dongjie Wang

Data-Centric AI: Taming AI-ready Feature Space From Decision-Making to Generative-AI University of Central Florida Feb 5, 2024 -

Yaoyao Liu

Learning from Imperfect Data: Incremental Learning and Few-shot Learning Johns Hopkins University Feb 7, 2024 -

Qi Zhang

Structuring Cooperative Teams for Multi-Agent Autonomy University of South Carolina Feb 9, 2024 -

Han Xu

Exploring, Counteracting and Harnessing Adversarial Examples Michigan State University Feb 12, 2024 -

Ruixiang Tang

Backdoor in AI: Algorithms, Attacks, and Defenses Rice University Feb 14, 2024 -

Xiaotian (Max) Han

Resource-Efficient Machine Learning: Reduce the Cost of Graph Learning and Beyond Texas A&M University Feb 16, 2024 -

Muchao Ye

Exploring the Adversarial Robustness of Language Models Pennsylvania State University Feb 19, 2024 -

Peizhong Ju

From Theory to Application: Overparameterization and Machine Learning at the Edge Ohio State University Feb 21, 2024 -

Yang Zhou

Trustworthy and Scalable Machine Learning Auburn University Feb 23, 2024 -

Fnu Suya

An Adversarial Perspective on the Machine Learning Pipeline University of Maryland Feb 26, 2024 -

Yi Zhu

Security of AI-enabled Perception Systems in Autonomous Driving University at Buffalo Feb 27, 2024 -

Minghong Fang

Toward Secure Federated Learning Duke University Feb 28, 2024 -

Arslan Khan

Securing Embedded Systems Using Compartmentalization Purdue University Feb 29, 2024 -

Kevin Bello

Causal Machine Learning: Continuous Structure Learning and Identifiability of Causal Invariances Carnegie Mellon University and University of Chicago Mar 1, 2024 -

Chenkai Weng

Trustworthy Systems from Secure Computation and Verification Northwestern University Mar 4, 2024 -

Xin Liu

Collaborative IoT Communications, Networking and Beyond Ohio State University Mar 5, 2024 -

Song Liao

Ensuring Policy and Privacy Compliance of Voice Personal Assistant Applications Clemson University Mar 6, 2024 -

Muslum Ozgur Ozmen

Achieving Compositional Safety and Security in IoT Environments Purdue University Mar 8, 2024 -

Yu Zeng

Learning to Synthesize Images with Multimodal and Hierarchical Inputs Johns Hopkins University Mar 25, 2024 -

Shiwei Zeng

Data-Efficiency and Robustness in Machine Learning Stevens Institute of Technology Mar 27, 2024 -

Chaoyue Liu

The Power of Opening the Black Box of Deep Learning UC San Diego Mar 29, 2024 -

Shibo Li

Physics-Motivated and Inspired Probabilistic Learning University of Utah Apr 1, 2024 -

Shangqian Gao

New Efficient Machine Learning Methods: from Convolutional Neural Networks to Large Language Models University of Pittsburgh Apr 3, 2024 -