PhD Graduates

Name Major Prof Dissertation Title Employment
Peter Gavin Gary Tyson & David Whalley Instruction Caching in Multithreading Processors Using Guarantees Google
Jeremy Hatcher Daniel Schwartz A Reflective, 3-Dimensional Behavior Tree Approach to Vehicle Autonomy Engineer, Littoral Warfare Research Facility – Panama City, FL
Jonathan W. Jenkins Mike Burmester Building Trusted Computer Systems via Unified Software Integrity Protection Assistant Professor, Middle Georgia State University
Umit Karabiyik Sudhir Aggarwal Building an Intelligent Assistant for Digital Forensics Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University – Huntsville, TX
Justin B. Marshall  Andy Wang Systems Librarian/Associate Professor, Brigham Young University–Hawaii – Honolulu, HI
Michael Mitchell Andy Wang Context and Bio-Aware Mobile Applications Software Developer/Owner
Frank Anthony Sposaro Gary Tyson A Geriatric Suite of Medical Applications for Android Powered Devices Software Developer, Microsoft
Mark Stanovich Theodore Baker & Andy Wang Throttling On-Disk Schedulers to Meet Soft-Real-Time Requirements
Shiva Houshmand Yazdi  Sudhir Aggarwal  Analyzing Password Strength & Efficient Password Cracking
Nan Zhao Xiuwen Liu Context-Sensitive Semantic Segmentation China Industries
James McClain Piyush Kumar On Exactitude in Geographic Information Science
Wickus Nienaber Xin Yuan On Lid Allocation and Assignment in InfiniBand Networks Captiveyes LLC
Guanyu Tian Piyush Kumar Enhancing Anonymity of Anonymous P2P Content Sharing Systems Assistant Professor, Fontbone University – Clayton, MO
Jiangbo Yuan Zhenghao Zhang Indexing, Searching, and Mining Large-Scale Visualdata via Structured Vector Quantization Scientist, Canon USA
Yu Zhang Xiuwen Liu Computational Models and Algorithms for Nucleosome Positioning Seeking Employment (Industry) – San Jose, CA
Shuaiyuan Zhou Zhenghao Zhang Improving the Performance of Wireless Networks with Ubiquitously Compatible Solutions in the Medium Access Control Layer Software Engineer,
Zheng Gu Xin Yuan Efficient and Robust Message Passing Schemes for RDMA-Enabled Clusters Post-doctoral Fellow, Oak Rridge National Lab – Oak Ridge, TN
Santosh Mahapatra Xin Yuan Routing Algorithms for the Emerging Topologies in HPC and Data Center Network Technical Staff, Riverbed Technology
Yue Qiu Michael Mascagni Parallel Random Number Generation Software Engineer, SevOne, Inc.
Chi Zhang Xin Yuan Parallel Similarity Join Software Engineer, Fuhu, Inc.
Samidh Chatterjee Piyush Kumar Experimental Approaches to Computational Geometric and Statistical Machine Translation Problems Senior Research Scientist, Airsage, Inc.
Sarah Diesburg Andy Wang Per-File Full-Data-Path Secure Deletion for Electronic Storage Post-doctoral Fellow, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Justin Fincher Gary Tyson Creation and Modification of Models of Nucleosome Occupancy and Their Applications Across Multiple Species Post-doctoral Fellow, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Ian Finlayson David Whalley & Gary Tyson Improving Processor Efficiency by Statically Pipelining Instructions Visiting Instructor, University of Mary Washington – Fredericksburg, VA
Wei Hu Zhenghao Zhang Mixed-Effects Models for Count Data with Applications to Educational Research Wireless Software Engineer, Aruba Networks
Yuval Peress Gary Tyson There and Back Again… a Datum’s Tale Google
Matthew Small Xin Yuan iSCSI-based Storage Area Networks for Disaster Recovery Operations Senior Software Engineer, West Health – San Diego, CA
Jin Xie Zhenghao Zhang Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Efficient Software Partial Packet Recovery System in 802.11 Wireless LANs Senior Software Engineer, Aruba Networks – Sunnyvale, CA
Wei Zhang Robert van Engelen Efficient XML Stream Processing and Searching Industry – China
Michael Connor Piyush Kumar A Simple, Thread-Safe, Approximate Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Arturo Donate Xiuwen Liu Three-Dimensional Scene Estimation from Monocular Videos with Applications in Video Analysis Booz Allen Hamilton Corp. – Washington, DC
Wayne Liu Sudhir Aggarwal Trust Management and Accountability for Internet Security Thomas University – Thomasville, GA
Fernando Sanchez Zhenhai Duan A Sender-Centric Approach to Spam and Phishing Control Faculty, Universidad San Francisco de Quito – Quito, Ecuador
Bin Yao Feifei Li Spatial Approximate String Search Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Shanghai, China
Haohai Yu Robert Van Engelen Acceleration Methods For Bayesian Network Sampling Software Design Engineer, Microsoft
Huey L Toh Lois Hawkes Design of a Low‐Cost Adaptive Question Answering System for Closed Domain Factoid Queries
Charles M Weir Sudhir Aggarwal Using Probabilistic Techniques to Aid in Password Cracking Attacks The Mitre Corp.
Paul Edwin West Gary Tyson Next Generation Performance Monitoring Assistant Professor, Charleston Southern University – North Charleston, SC
Yiming Wu Xiuwen Liu Efficient Learning of Optimal Linear Representations for Object Classification Senior Software Developer, Abbott Laboratories – New York City, NY
Yanan Yu Ashok Srinivasan Time Parallelization Methods for the Solution of Initial Value Problems Deloitte
Yuhua Zhu Xiuwen Liu Optimal Linear Features for Content Based Image Retrieval and Applications  Software Engineer, Google
Subhajit Datta Robert Van Engelen A Mechanism for Tracking the Effects of Requirement Changes in Enterprise Software Systems Senior Specialist Researcher, Accenture Technology Labs
Yixin Shou Robert Van Engelen A Unified Compiler Framework for Program Analysis, Optimization, and Automatic Vectorization with Chains of Recurrences
Stephen Hines Gary Tyson & David Whalley Using De-optimization to Re-optimize Code
Stanislav Ustymenko Daniel Schwartz Multiagent Dynamic Reasoning About Belief and Trust Apollo Group, University of Phoenix
Todd Andel Alec Yasinsac Formal Security Evaluation of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols Wright Patterson Air Force Base – Dayton, OH
Johnnie Birch, Jr. Robert Van Engelen Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Array Data Dependence Analysis with the Chains of Recurrences Algebra University of Texas – San Antonio, TX
David Gaitros Gregory Riccardi The Representation of Association Semantics with Annotations in a Biodiversity Informatics System Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Ha Hoang Ladislav Kohout Computational Transformation Between Different Symbolic Representations of BK Products of Fuzzy Relations Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Community College – Tallahassee, FL
Jiangyi Hu Michael Burmester Trust Management in Mobile Wireless Networks: Security and Survivability Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Prasad Kulkarni David Whalley Fast and Effective Solutions to the Phase Ordering Problem University of Kansas – Lawrence, KS
Warren Davis Ladislav Kohout Enhancing Pattern Classification with Relational Fuzzy Neural Networks and Square BK-Products IBM Research Lab
Ahmad Faraj Xin Yuan Automatic Empirical Techniques for Developing Efficient MPI Collective Communication Routines IBM
Keith Haynes Xiuwen Liu Object Recognition Using Rapid Classification Trees US Military Academy – West Point, NY
Goce Jakimoski Mike Burmester & Yvo Desmedt Primitives and Schemes for Non-Atomic Information Authentication Post-doctoral Fellow, Stevens Institute of Technology – Hoboken, NJ
Jidong Long Dan Schwartz A Case-based Framework for Meta Intrusion Detection Optimi Corporation
Jeffrey Todd McDonald Alec Yasinsac Enhanced Security for Mobile Agent Systems AFIT, Wright Patterson Air Force Base – Dayton, OH
Jungkee Kim Gordon Erlebacher Hybrid Keyword Search Across Peer-to-Peer Federated Data Post-doctoral Fellow, Indiana
William Kreahling David Whalley Reducing the Costs of Comparisons within Conditional Transfers of Control Western Carolina University – Cullowhee, NC
Jean Muhammad Ladislav Kohout A Framework for Agency Visiting Faculty, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Wankang Zhao David Whalley Reducing the WCET of Low end Embedded Applications Datamaxx – Tallahassee, FL
Jason Black Lois Hawkes A System Architecture That Facilitates Collaboration via Handheld Devices (PDAS) Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL
Hongmei Chi Michael Mascagni Scrambled Quasirandom Sequences and Their Applications Post-doctoral Fellow, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Tri Van Le Yvo Desmedt Information Hiding Visiting Professor, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Tavaris Thomas Lois Hawkes Fire Ant: An Algorithm Providing High-Performance Distributed Fault-Tolerant Communication for Internet-Scale Network Survivability Lucent
Clint R. Whaley David Whalley Automated empirical optimization of high performance floating point kernels University of Texas
Han-ku Lee Gordon Erlebacher Towards Efficient Compilation Of The HPJAVA Language For High Performance Computing Post-doctoral Fellow, Indiana State University – Terre Haute, IN
Sangmi Lee Gordon Erlebacher A Modular Data Pipelining Architecture (MDPA) for enabling Universal Accessibility in P2P Grids Post-doctoral Fellow, Indiana State University – Terre Haute, IN
Yaohang Li Michael Mascagni A Grid Computing Infrastructure For Monte Carlo Applications NC A&T State University
Sang Boem Lim Gordon Erlebacher Platforms For HPJAVA: Runtime Support For Scalable Programming In JAVA Post-doctoral Fellow, Indiana State University – Terre Haute, IN
Ahmed Moussa Ladislav Kohout The Implementation of Intelligent QoS Networking by the Development and Utilization of Novel Cross-Disciplinary Soft Computing Theories and Techniques

Post-doctoral Fellow, Florida State University

Visiting Faculty, Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL

Andreas Strotmann Ladislav Kohout Content Markup Language Design Principles University of Cologne – Köln, Germany
Courtney Lamar Smith Lois Hawkes Browsable Repository for Elementary Educators and Students with a Zoomable Interface: A Computer Tool Prototype for Elementary Curriculum Integration University of Central Florida – Orlando, FL
Tiki Suarez Lois Hawkes Intelligent Wireless Management: Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Networks Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL
Samuel Eaves Gregory Riccardi Managing Scientific Computation with a Java-Based Schema Extension Facility
Christopher Healy David Whalley Automatic Utilization of Constraints for Timing Analysis Assistant Professor, Furman University – Greenville, SC
Renee S. Renner Christopher Lacher Improving Generalization of Constructive Neural Networks Using Ensembles Assistant Professor, California State University – Chico, CA
Huan-yu Tu Lois Hawkes Families of Optimal Fault-Tolerant Multiple-Bus Networks and their Related Networks Assistant Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University – Willimantic, CT
Larry Weinstein Christopher Lacher The Image Node: An Image Processing Neural Network Component
Kristin Adair Susan Bassett Unsupervised Recurrent Neural Networks for Grammar Induction
Bobby Granville Ladislav Kohout An Empirical Study of a Query-Language Front-End Processor Using BK-Products for Fuzzy Knowledge Based Systems Assistant Professor, Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL
Catherine LeBlanc Susan Hruska Utilization of State Information via Recurrent Connections in Expert Networks
Seung-Jin Moon Theodore Baker Ada ’95 Tasking Performance Optimizations
Chan-Sook Noe Ladislav Kohout Using BK-Products of Fuzzy Relations for Management of Granular Structures in Relational Architectures for knowledge-Based Systems
Dong-Ik Oh Theodore Baker Ada ’95 Tasking Performance Optimizations
Gang-Ryung Uh David Whalley Effectively Exploiting Indirect Jumps
Randall Thomas White David Whalley Bounding Worst-Case Data Cache Performance
Lili Yuan Christopher Lacher Aging in Artificial Neural Networks: Causes and Prevention of Repetition Induced Incompetence in Reinforced Learning
Dennis Devolder Lois Hawkes Radio Training System: Speech Recognition and Graphical Event Representation in a Scenario-based Authoring/Tutoring Shell
Weiqi Huang Gregory Riccardi Multischema: Dynamic View Management for Object Database Systems
Evelyn Stiller Gregory Riccardi A Heuristic Approach to RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Based on an Object-Oriented Representation
Charles Wesley Ford, Jr. Gregory Riccardi Modeling Experimental Data Analysis Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, AR
Youngdo Joo Willis Bandler A Fuzzy Relational Approach to Cognitive Structures of an Urban Knowledge-based System
Eunjin Kim Ladislav Kohout Analysis and Meta-analysis of Fuzzy Relational Structures by Means of Generalized Morphism and its Computer-aided Tool Support Post-doctoral Fellow, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Kok Meng Yew Interval-Valued Approximate Inference Using Fuzzy Relational Techniques
Hsing-Tai Chung Daniel Schwartz An Automated System for Symbolic Approximate Reasoning Assistant Professor, Tamkang University – Taipei
Frank Wenzhen Fang Christopher Lacher Constructive Neural Network Learning for Autonomous Rule Acquisition Software Engineer, Image Technology, Inc.
Frank Mueller David Whalley Static Cache Simulation and its Applications Research Assistant, Humboldt University – Arcata, CA
Lillie D. Ward Lois Hawkes A Fault-Tolerant Multi-Bus Interconnection Network Fort Valley State College – Fort Valley, GA
Byungjoo Yoon Christopher Lacher Rule Extraction using Destructive Learning in Artificial Neural Networks Associate Professor, Myong-Ji University – Seoul, South Korea
Bienvenido Jose Alvarez Juliano, Jr. Wyllis Bandler A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Cognitive Diagnosis Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University – Conway, SC
James Lamm Daniel Schwartz Modified Election Methodology:A Methodology for Describing Human Beliefs Research Assistant, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Cathy C. Ncube Wyllis Bandler A Cognitive Hinting Structure for Deep Domain Knowledge Assistant Professor, University of West Florida – Pensacola, FL
Jong Joon Park Lois Hawkes Neural Network Processing of Linguistic Symbols Using Multi-Level Grading Rule
Bryon K. Elmann Gregory Riccardi Applying an Object-Oriented Database Model to a Scientific Database Problem: Managing Experimental Data at CEBAF Assistant Professor, Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL
Ilan Itzkovich Lois Hawkes A Conceptual Approach to Reusability in Object-Oriented Design Assistant Professor, Florida International University – Miami, FL
William A. Mayne Gregory Riccardi An Investigation of Guarded Assignments as a Coordination of Language for Large Grain Parallel Programming
Sujatha Nagarajan Ladislav Kohout Mimicking Human Language Processing Features Using Fuzzy Syntax-Semantics Analyzer and Semantic Interpreter
Daihee Park Abraham Kandel Intelligent Fuzzy Reasoning Models with Application to Fuzzy Control Assistant Professor, Korea
Don Poling Lois Hawkes The Application of Imprecise Decision Tables in Intelligent Tutoring Tables Assistant Professor, Clemson University – Clemson, SC
Chlotia L. Posey Lois Hawkes Applications of Neural Networks to Intelligent Tutoring Systems Chief, Development Division, Communications Computer Systems, Eglin Air Force Base – Florida
Pratik K. Biswas Abraham Kandel Conceptualizing the Design of Knowledge Based Systems Technical Staff, Lucent Bell Laboratories
Thomas Wilhelm Diefenbach Lois Hawkes The Effect of Verbal Messages on User Friendliness: An Empirical Investigation Using an Intelligent Tutoring System Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University – Al Ain, UAE
Alan D. George Lois Hawkes A Fault-Tolerant Computer System for Digital Signal Processing Associate Professor, Florida State University and Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL
Edward W. Giering Theodore Baker Compile Time Processing of Ada Task Constructs for Real-Time Programming Software Engineer, Rational Corporation
Marion G. Harmon Theodore Baker Predicting Execution Time on Contemporary Computer Architectures Associate Professor, Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL
Dawn Jay Holmes Lois Hawkes An Informal Reasoning Technique and Truth Maintenance Subsystem for Global Diagnosis in an Instructional System Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne, FL
Yong-Gi Kim Ladislav Kohout Use of Fuzzy Relational Information Retrieval Technique for Generating Control Strategies in Resolution-Based Automated Reasoning
David C. Kuncicky Christopher Lacher Isomorphism of Reasoning Systems with Applications to Autonomous Knowledge Acquisition Computing Resources Manager, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Pratit Santiprabhob Ladislav Kohout Fuzzy Connected Protection Structures Dean, Assumption University – Bangkok, Thailand
Ahmad Sharieh Gregory Riccardi Exploiting Parallel Processing in Large Scientific Applications Associate Professor, University of Jordan – Amman, Jordan
Uta M. Ziegler Lois Hawkes A Neural Network which Rapidly Learns to Perform a Multi-Step Task Associate Professor, University of Western Kentucky – Bowling Green, KY
Stephen Leach Abraham Kandel Grouper: A Knowledge-Based Expert System for Redistricting Associate Chair, Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
Keith D. McCroan Christopher Lacher Displaying Geographic Information: Efficient Methods for Raster Displays Chief Software Engineer, Environmental Protection Agency NAREL Environmental Radiation Laboratory
Bernard Traversat Gregory Riccardi NEPTUNE: The Application of Coarse-Grain Data Flow Methods to Scientific Parallel Programming Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Lab – Ames, IA
John Cameron Glasgow II Lois Hawkes Emerging Systems and Machine Intelligence President, Bayou Software Inc. – Fort Walton Beach, FL
Robert F. Hudson Abraham Kandel Real-Time Expert Systems’ Computer Architecture
Dan E. Tamir Abraham Kandel A Schema for Knowledge Representation and Its Implementation in a Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing System Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne, FL
George Meghabghab Abraham Kandel Hierarchical Analysis of Visual Motion Associate Professor, Valdosta State University – Valdosta, GA
Kyung Whan Oh Abraham Kandel New Methodologies in the Design of a General Purpose Fuzzy Expert System: Applications with AI Based Precipitation Retrieval Designed for Satellite Microwave Measurements Head of Fuzzy Group, Korean Institute of Technology – Seoul, South Korea
Alfred Marlow Henne Abraham Kandel Fuzzy Algorithm for Priority Estimation in Immediate Area Networks Suerdurp Corporation
Mordechay Schneider Abraham Kandel COFESS: Cooperative Fuzzy Expert Systems for Intelligent Recognition Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne, FL
Lawrence O. Hall Abraham Kandel A Methodological Approach to a Re-usable Fuzzy Expert System Associate Professor, University of South Florida – Tampa, FL
Dusan Repovs Christopher Lacher Generalized Three-Manifolds with Zero-Dimensional Singular Set Research Professor, University of Ljubljana – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Marie Zemankova-Leech Abraham Kandel Fuzzy Relational Databases National Science Foundation
Joan Marie Francioni Abraham Kandel Decomposition of Fuzzy Switching Functions Associate Professor, University of Southwest Louisiana