COVIDKG.ORG – a Web-scale Knowledge Graph on COVID-19 presented at a flagship European Data Science conference

FSU Computer Science Research on the first trustworthy Web-scale Knowledge Graph (KG) on COVID-19, learned from millions of Web sources will be presented at EDBT 2023 to be held in Ioannina, Greece, on March 28 – March 31, 2023. EDBT is a flagship conference in Data Science traditionally held in Europe. COVIDKG.ORG is one of the research projects coming out of FSU BigLab! directed by Michael... read more

Tech Fee Granted

CS Department has been awarded over $68k technology fee to improve its classroom projection and audio systems and to create a virtual hands-on computer lab.

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FSU CS Research presented at ACM SIGMOD conference, held in Philadelphia June 12-17, 2022

FSU CS Research coming out of BigLab! supervised by Dr. Gubanov “Simplifying Access to Large-scale Structured Datasets by Meta-Profiling with Scalable Training Set Enrichment” will be presented at ACM SIGMOD, a flagship Data Management conference, held in Philadelphia June 12-17, 2022. Sophie Pavia won a prestigious ACM SIGMOD Student Travel award that would help partially cover the travel... read more

Dr. Shayok Chakraborty receives an NIH Grant for Collaborative AI Research

The National Institute on Aging has awarded a research supplement in the amount of $200K to Dr. Shayok Chakraborty (Assistant Professor, CS FSU) and Dr. Walter Boot (Professor, Department of Psychology, FSU) that will fund additional research related to their collaborative R01 grant titled “The Adherence Promotion with Person-centered Technology (APPT) Project: Promoting Adherence to Enhance the Early Detection and Treatment of Cognitive Decline”.

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