Rachel Beard gets NIH Fellowship

Rachel Beard has been awarded a three-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) Ruth L. Kirschstein Research Service Award Individual Predoctoral Fellowship from the National Library of Medicine. Her sponsor is Matthew Scotch.

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IEEE HiPC paper on Barrier

A paper on “Efficient Barrier Implementation on the POWER8 Processor” has been accepted at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC) (2015). It is co-authored by Ashok Srinivasan and C.D. Sudheer of IBM Research. It relates to the issue of making computations efficient.

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InternetCoast Cites VIPRA Research

Ebola at 30,000 feet: FSU Researchers work to combat future outbreaks
InternetCoast News cites research conducted under project VIPRA. InternetCoast is a non-profit organization promoting economic growth in Florida through innovation and technology.

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FSU Press Release on VIPRA

Ebola at 30,000 feet: Researchers work to combat future outbreaks
Florida State University press release on research conducted under project VIPRA.

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VIPRA Obtains NSF Funding to Study Ebola

Project VIPRA received Rapid Response Research grant funding in April 2015 from the National Science Foundation for Simulation-Based Policy Analysis For Reducing Ebola Transmission Risk in Air Travel.

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