Talks at International Conference for Risk Analysis

Ashok Srinivasan and Sirish Namilae gave invited talks related to Project VIPRA at ICRA, Chicago, 2017.
1. S. Namilae, Multiscale Model for Pedestrian and Infection Dynamics During Air Travel.
2. A. Srinivasan, Optimizing Massively Parallel Simulations of Infection Spread Through Air-travel for Policy Analysis.

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NCSA News Article on VIPRA

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications featured Project VIPRA in their news today. The news article is available at:

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Physica-A Paper on Passenger Movement Modeling

A paper on the pedestrian dynamics modeling of Project VIPRA has been published in Physica A. Its details are as follows.
S. Namilae, A. Srinivasan, A. Mubayi, M. Scotch, and R. Pahle, Self-Propelled Pedestrian Dynamics Model: Application to Passenger Movement and Infection Propagation in Airplanes, Physica A, vol. 465 (2017) 248-260.

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Presentation at Blue Waters Symposium

Ashok Srinivasan represented Project VIPRA at the Blue Waters Symposium in Sun River, OR. He gave a talk on Simulation-Based Policy Analysis To Reduce Ebola Transmission Risk in Air Travel. He was later interviewed by the NCSA Public Affairs team so that this research could be shared with a wider audience.

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Science Node article on VIPRA

The online international science magazine, Science Node, featured an article on Project VIPRA. It is available at:

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Poster at Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing

A poster on “The Spread of the 2014 Ebola Zaire Virus in West Africa” was presented at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB), 2016. It was co-authored by M. Scotch, R. Beard, R. Pahle, A. Mubayi, S. Namilae, and A. Srinivasan.

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International Conference on Transport and Health

An abstract for oral presentation on “Self-Propelled Pedestrian Dynamics Model for Studying Infectious Disease Propagation during Air-Travel” has been accepted at the International Conference on Transport and Health (ICTH), 2016. It is co-authored by S. Namilae, A. Srinivasan, C.D. Sudheer, A. Mubayi, R. Pahle, and M. Scotch.

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