2015-2016 UPE Inductees

• Jordan T. Baker • Monica Lambrano • Christopher Cassion • Hannah McLaughlin • Nikhil Lloyd Cordeiro • Taylor Shields • Dan Diamond • Caleb Tidwell • Gokila Dorai • Sean Koji Tilley • Dominic Fezzie • William... read more

Harris Scholarship

Graduate Fellowship Recipient: • Rebecca James Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients: • Luis Penagos • Dillon Hall-Rodriguez • Ian... read more

S-STEM Scholars

• Richard Allen • James Picker • Aaron Kemmer • Grace Bunch • Ashley Roberts • Matthew O’Hagan • Peter Connolly • Taylor Shields • Emilio Figueroa • Ariana Maria Davis • Remington Trettin • Nikolas Goetzke • Tatiana Joseph • Simon Baduy • Alexander Petrov • Nicholas Kelton • Timothy Barao • Jennifer Yarboro • Bayan Kharazmi • Jared Bennett • Zachary Pell • Miguel Mejia • Connor... read more

Scholarship For Service 2015-2016

• Aranya Ajith • Nicholas Clark • Brandon Hillan • Rebecca Powell • Carl Bellefleur • Christian Vazquez • Thomas Clayton • Ricardo Castilla • Samir Yuja • Elliot Mudrick • Mitchell Schmidt • Douglas Hennenfent • Shawn Stone • Ian Michaels • Johann Thairu • Jacob Knoblauch • Connor McLaughlin • Scott Watson • Lindsey Barlett •Yaroslav... read more

Student Publications 2016

• Michael Mitchell, An-I Andy Wang, and Peter Reiher. Cashtags: Protecting the Input and Display of Sensitive Data. • Peixiang Zhao, Charu Aggarwal, Gewen He. Link Prediction in Graph Streams. • Charu Aggarwal, Gewen He, Peixiang Zhao. Edge Classification in Networks. • Sangmun Kim, Zhenhai Duan, Fernando Sanchez. Scalable Name-Based Inter-Domain Routing for Information-Centric Networks. • B. Davis, P. Gavin, R. Baird, M. Sjalander, I. Finlayson, F. Rasapour, G. Cook, G. Uh, D. Whalley, G. Tyson. Scheduling Instruction Effects for a Statically Pipelined Processor. • Escobar-Avila, J., Linares-Vasquez, M., Haiduc, S. Unsupervised Software Categorization using Bytecode. • Escobar-Avila, J. Automatic Categorization of Software Libraries Using Bytecode. •Taylor Brockhoeft, Jennifer Petuch, James Bach, Emil Djerekarov, Margareta Ackerman and Gary Tyson. Interactive Augmented Reality for Dance. • D. Moreau, A. Bardizbanyan, M. Sjalander, D. Whalley, P. Larsson-Edefors. Practical Way Halting by Speculatively Accessing Halt Tags. • Y. Chen, Z. Wang, D. Whalley, L. Lu. Remix: On-demand Live Randomization. • T. Wang, K. Vasko, Z. Liu, H. Chen, W. Yu. Enhance Scientific Application I/O with Cross-Bundle Aggregation. • H. Fu, Y. Zhu, W. Yu. A Case Study of MapReduce Speculation for Failure Recovery. • Lizhen Shi, Zhong Wang, W. Yu, Xiandong Meng. Performance Evaluation and Tuning of BioPig for Genomic Analysis. • M. Liu, A. Mukherjee, Z. Zhang and X. Liu, TBAS: Enhancing Wi-Fi authentication by actively eliciting channel state information. • A. Mukherjee and Z. Zhang. Channel state information compression for MIMO systems based on curve fitting. • Z. Zhang and A. Mukherjee. Friendly channel-oblivious jamming with error amplification for wireless networks. • T. Wang, H.S. Oral, H. Pritchard, B. Wang... read more

ACM Chapter Recognitions

ACM Fall 2015 Programming Contest Winners1. Team Merpity Derp: James Bach2. Team apr-odigy: Abhishek Patel3. Team You down with .cpp?: Will Hadden and Kara Harwas ACM Spring 2016 Programming Contest Winners1. Team team_name: Chase Warrington2. Team KungFu: Yuchuan Tao, Tao Wang, Bolong Zhang3. Team Advertise Here! 20% off!: Shuanglong Zhang, Yilin Wang, Yue... read more

CS Outstanding Teaching Assistants Awarded

At the department’s annual Honors and Awards ceremony held on April 22nd, the department was pleased to present Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards to the following students: Britton Dennis Esteban Parra Rodriguez Shamik Bose Chaity Banerjee Leon Brown Sharanya Jayaraman James Bach Congratulations and the department’s thanks to these dedicated... read more