Mustakimur R. Khandaker, a recent Ph.D. graduate advised by Dr. Zhi Wang, will join the Department of Computer Science at the University of Georgia as a Tenure-track Assistant Professor. Mustakimur’s research focuses on system and software security, more specifically, Control Flow Integrity (CFI), Trusted Executed Environment (TEE), program analysis (e.g., concolic analysis), etc. He has published in the top security and system conferences (USENIX Security, ASPLOS, and EuroS&P), and won the best paper award in EuroS&P 19.
All his research projects are open-source available at
Mustakimur won the departmental outstanding teaching assistant award in 2018 and the graduate research assistant award in 2019.

We wish him the best of luck in his new career in teaching and research at the University of Georgia.

(Mustakimur is looking for motivated graduate students with strong background and interest in cyber-security. Send him an email if you are interested in joining him at the University of Georgia.)