Professor Yu Receives a New Grant from Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Oct 20, 2016 | News

Dr. Weikuan Yu from the Department of Computer Science at Florida State University was awarded a grant of $125K from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for his most recent project on user-level file system research for burst buffers. Burst buffers are introduced into high performance computing (HPC) storage architectures as a mechanism for solving the scalability problems associated with I/O from large-scale runs. Building on top of his team’s prior success in developing the BurstFS file system, Dr. Yu and his graduate students will conduct further research and development to enhance the performance and scalability of burst buffer file systems. Dr. Yu also has research interests in a multitude of technical areas including: data mining and analytics of big data and social networks, parallel computer systems and architecture, high speed interconnects, cloud computing, computational biology and climate modeling, and I/O systems. More information about his group research can be found at