Xiaonan Zhang, Assistant Professor in the FSU Department of Computer Science, has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant of $299, 951 for research on federated intelligence in heterogenous edge computing. This is her first federal grant as the FSU PI, collaborating with other four professors at Clemson University. The total amount of the grant is $1,199,996.
The project, titled as “Collaborative Research: SHF: Medium: Towards Harmonious Federated Intelligence in Heterogeneous Edge Computing via Data Migration”, develops a harmonious federated intelligence framework enabling data migration across nearby heterogeneous edges, for which both learning models and heterogeneous data can be fed to the optimal edge for training without either wasting or overly exploiting hardware resources. This software-hardware co-design of harmonious federated intelligence will reshape most of the current theoretical federated learning frameworks deployed in edge computing systems. The success of this project will inspire novel theoretical and systematical integration in emerging areas such as AI-enabled IoT, next-generation computing systems, and advanced communication paradigms (5G/6G). Results from this project will be integrated into curriculum development, undergraduate and graduate mentoring, and outreach to K-12 students. Underrepresented minority students will be continuously recruited and effective training on project-related interdisciplinary subjects will be provided to them.