Michael Gubanov has published a paper in Communications of ACM, together with collaborators from Rice University.

The journal is known to be very selective, summarizing the most impactful contributions to Computer Science across all areas. Gubanov describes a novel data analytics system, marrying linear and relational algebra, introduced by Edgar Codd in Communications of ACM in 1970 and used widely in data management systems today.


The paper can be found here.


Gubanov is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science department. His research interests include Data Science, Large-scale Data Management and Deep Learning, Web-search, and Mobile Computing. His other recent research accomplishments include 2017 IEEE ICDE Best Paper Award, 2018 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award, 2020 CACM Research Highlight.

Gubanov serves on 2021 ACM SIGMOD PC, 2021 Web Conference (WWW) SPC, 2021 EDBT PC, 2020 ACM CIKM SPC.