CIS5930 Software Defined Networking, Fall 2016

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging networking technology that has been rapidly changing the networking industry and networking research. By separating the network control from the underlying packet forwarding hardware, SDN lowers the entry-point for innovation in network control and enables a global approach to specify complex networking tasks in one single control framework, which promises significant simplification of network management, control, and monitoring. SDN has gained significant traction among major industrial players including Cisco, Broadcom, Google, IBM, and Intel, and has been deployed in wide area networks, campus networks, and data centers. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of SDN and gain hands-on experience.


Lecture 1 (August 29): Syllabus and introduction

Lecture 2 (August 31): Challenges in configuring today's Internet routers (Guest lecture by Yu Wang), An example

Lecture 3 (September 7): SDN evolution

Lecture 4 (September 12): SDN basics and OpenFlow

Lecture 5 (September 14, September 19): Mininet and OpenFlow Lab

Lecture 6 (September 21): OpenFlow Controllers

Lecture 7 (September 26): An SDN application: Google B4

Lecture 8 (September 28): SDN challenges

Lecture 9 (October 3): Controller Scalability

Lecture 10 (October 5): SDN programming I: issues with programming over POX

Lecture 11 (October 10): SDN programming II

Lecture 12 (October 12): "Beehive: Simple Distributed Programming in Software Defined Networks," ACM SOSR, 2016

Lecture 13 (October 18): SDN Network Updates

Lecture 14 (October 20): "NetKAT: Semantic Foundations for Network", ACM POPL, 2014.

Lecture 15 (October 24): Programmable Data Plane

Lecture 16 (October 26): "Real Time Network Policy Checking Using Header Space Analysis"

Lecture 17 (October 31): SDN virtualization

Lecture 18 (November 2): "PISCES: A Proammable, Protocol Independent Software Switch"

Lecture 19 (November 7): Middleboxes, SDN and NFV

Lecture 20 (November 9):

Lecture 21 (November 21): SDN and Security

Lecture 22 (November 28): SDN security 2

Lecture 23 (November 30): Interdomain SDN

Lecture 24 (Dec 4): "Don't Mind the Gap: Bridging Network-wide Objectives and Device-level Configurations", SIGCOMM 2016, local copy of the slide

Acknowledgement: Some course materials are based on Dr. Nick Feamster's SDN class at Goergia Tech, Dr. Vyas Sekar's SDN class at CMU, and Dr. Li Erran Li's SDN class at Columbia University.