Professor Mascagni's Research Group

Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Scientific Computing
Florida State University

Random Number Generation
Monte Carlo Methods

This collabrative group is addressing issues in high performance computing relative to stochastic computing. We are seeking more efficient methods for solving problems in physics, finance, and mathmatics.

The weekly full group meeting will be on Thursdays from 11:00 AM  to noon in Dirac Science Library Room 416.  A second weekly meeting will most likely be organized, and we may break up into smaller groups.

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SPRNG Improvements
Development of the LPBE Code
Splitting Generators for Parameterization
Monte Carlo Methods in Linear Algebra
RNGs on Multicore Processors
Monte Carlo Methods for PDEs
RNGs for GPUs
Monte Carlo Methods for PDE
Adding QRNGs to SPRNG

Computational Geometry
SPRNG Website Redesign
Biochemical Applications