Group: PRNG

Pseudorandom Number Generation

Department of Computer Science
Florida State University

This project will extend the comprehensive random number generation tool (SPRNG library) for ASCI-class Monte Carlo applications. It includes incorporation of new RNGs like Mersenne Twister, testing RNGs, study and incorporation of different parallelizations of current RNGs and so on.

Time: Wednesdays 8:00 AM
Place: 486 Dirac Science Library
Yaohang Li
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Dr. Aneta Karaivanova
Jason Parker
Shyam Lakshmin
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Project 3
Searching of Good LCG Multipliers

Linear Congruential generators are of the form Xn = a * Xn - 1 + b mod m Good multipliers ( 'a' ) are required to produce full period sequences with desirable low discrepancies.

Project 7
Using the fast primitive Polynomial Tool to Develop an Efficient deterministic Mersenne Twister Implementation

The difficulty in finding good parameters for the Mersenne Twister is in obtaining the period. Though simplified in small modulus ( F2) implementaions, the primitivity checking for a given charateristic polymonmial can still take weeks with the best current algorithm. We prepose a new method for fast primitive polynomial generation and testing.