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Software Engineering II

CEN 4021


Some of the links above will not work, because they are copyrighted by individuals and organizations outside of Florida State University, and were only permitted to be used by students in this course for the limited purpose of study within the course, under password protection. When the password protection for this site was removed, those files were removed, or otherwise protected from access. If anyone finds other materials that should be removed, please let me know.

As I am attempting to improve this course along the lines of the agile development philosophy, my web pages for it will be evolving over the term.

If you did not take CEN 4020 in fall 2009, you should attempt to catch up by looking at the web pages from last term, the description of the project (which we will be continuing), and the work of the various teams on the project last term:

T. P. Baker. ($Id$)