FSU COP 4530 / CGS 5425 (Fall 2003, Section 4)
Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming


Andy Wang (awang@cs.fsu.edu)

Teaching Assistants

Jerry Hu (zhiqiahu@cs.fsu.edu)
Nobuyasu Fukuhara (nff0150@garnet.acns.fsu.edu)


[Aug 28] Please download the following files:

Makefile, xstring.h, xstring.cpp, fstring.cpp
Type 'make' to generate the executable 'String'.
Use emacs/gdb, or run 'ddd String' to step/debug the program.

[Sept 12] I have set up a newsgroup for this class.

[Sept 29] Assignment 3 is now available.

[Oct 2] Please send me your group membership if you haven't done so.

[Oct 2] If you have trouble to find partners, please let me know.

[Oct 24] Assignment 4 is now available.

[Nov 4] Assignment 5 is now available.

[Nov 5] There is the list of words.

[Nov 15] Your grades are available.

[Nov 15] On Monday (11/17) and Wednesday (11/19), the class will meet in MCH 201.

[Nov 22] Assignment 6 will be due on Monday (12/8) due the early final.

Course Material

Lecture 1

Course Introduction (Power Point 2000)
Course Syllabus (Word 2000)
Programming Environment (Word 2000)
Experience Survey (Word 2000)

Lecture 2

C Strings, Proper Type, and String Objects (Power Point 2000)
Review Topics
A Sample Quiz

Lecture 3

BitVector Class (Power Point 2000)
Assignment 1 (Power Point 2000)
Introduction to UNIX Shell (Word 2000)
Introduction to UNIX Software Development Environment (Word 2000)
Quiz (COP 3330 material and lecture 2)

Lecture 4

Hash Functions (Power Point 2000)
Applying for Graudate Schools (Power Point 2000)

Lecture 5

Templates (Power Point 2000)

Lecture 6

A Generic Vector Class (Power Point 2000)
Assignment 1 Debrief (Power Point 2000)
Assignment 2 (Power Point 2000)
Assignment 2 (Word 2000)

Lecture 7

Introduction to Algorithms, Verification, Complexity, and Searching (Power Point 2000)

Lecture 7.5 (continued)

Introduction to Algorithms, Verification, Complexity, and Searching (2) (Power Point 2000)
More on Hash Tables (Power Point 2000)

Lecture 7.99

Review for Exam 1 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 8

A Generic List Class and Linked Lists (Power Point XP)

Lecture 9

Generic Positional Containers and Double Ended Queues (Power Point XP)

Lecture 10

Stacks and Queues (Power Point XP)

Lecture 11

Function Classes and Objects (Power Point XP)

Lecture 12

Generic Algorithms (Power Point XP)

Lecture 13

Iterators (Power Point XP)

Lecture 14

Generic Set Algorithms (Power Point XP)

Lecture 15

Generic Associative Containers and Sorted Lists (Power Point XP)

Lecture 15.5

Review for Exam 2 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 16

Sets and Maps (Power Point XP)

Lectures 17-18

Trees 1 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 19

Assignment 5 Debrief (Power Point XP)
Trees 1 (cont'd) (Power Point XP)
Assignment 6 (Power Point XP)
Assignment 6 (Word XP)

Lecture 20

Trees 2 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 21

Exam 2 Debrief (Power Point XP)
Common Pointer Errors (Power Point XP)
Trees 3 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 22

Trees 4 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 23

Review for Exam 3 (Power Point XP)

Lecture 24

Exam 3

Useful Resources


Deitel and Deitel, C++ How to Program (2nd Edition)
Ford and Topp, Data Structures with C++ Using the STL (2nd Edition)
Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest, Introduction to Algorithms

On-line Resources

Emacs reference card

Last modified on: March 25, 2003