Speaker: Te-Yen Wu

Date: Oct 6, 2023

Abstract: Inspired by the visionary landscapes of science fiction, ubiquitous computing has emerged as a futuristic yet transformative paradigm that aims to seamlessly integrate computing technology into the fabric of our everyday lives. However, despite the promise of this vision, it remains uncertain how we can bring the vision to reality. In this talk, I articulate three foundational pillars that underpin the future of ubiquitous computing: intelligence, scalability, and sustainability. Intelligence, in the form of sensing and machine learning, empowers devices to intuitively understand and respond to user needs. Scalability ensures that computing devices can seamlessly infiltrate every corner of our environment, delivering their services ubiquitously. Sustainability underscores the importance of long-term and environmentally friendly device design, streamlining user maintenance efforts and reducing adverse impacts on our physical environment. To exemplify how these pillars can be achieved, I delve into the realm of smart materials, illustrating how they can serve as an exemplar solution to bridge these three pillars. Smart materials, characterized by their versatile form factors, ease of use, and sustainable properties, showcase the potential for a future where computing technology is seamlessly woven into our surroundings, enhancing our daily lives sustainably.

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