The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently awarded a 2-year, $200,000 grant to Prof. Peixiang Zhao for his research in big graph management, computation, and mining. This project, titled “Facilitate Graph Computation by Graph Sparsification”, was awarded from the NSF directorate CISE:IIS:III.

In the past decade, modern science and technology have witnessed an explosive growth of networked systems giving rise to a vast ocean of data with completely transformed scale, structure, and complexity, which, without loss of generality, are often modeled and interpreted as graphs. However, real-world graphs are voluminous and exhibit unprecedented complexity and challenges, rendering them extremely hard to manage, costly to ingest, and complicated to analyze. In this project, Prof. Zhao and his students will systematically investigate the principles, methodologies, and algorithms of graph sparsification. The objective of this project is to simplify large-scale graphs into structure-enriched, quality-preserving graph summaries moving toward facilitating and optimizing a wide range of graph-based computations in real-world big graphs.