FSU Department of Computer Science faculty Guang Wang and Weikuan Yu, and Eren Erman Ozguven at Civil Engineering have been awarded a new NSF grant titled “Collaborative Research: Frameworks: MobilityNet: A Trustworthy CI Emulation Tool for Cross-Domain Mobility Data Generation and Sharing towards Multidisciplinary Innovations”. The project is a collaborative effort between Rutgers, UCLA, and FSU. This project aims to design an innovative behavior-inspired generative CI tool called MobilityNet for trustworthy mobility data synthesis (i.e., balancing utility, privacy, and fairness). The synthetic data will be generated via three CI components built upon validated models (such as generative machine learning and differential privacy) from both technical and human aspects. Such data have the potential for significant scientific and societal impacts via research in multiple Science and Engineering disciplines such as Computer Science, Transportation Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, Geography, Epidemiology, and Economics. MobilityNet will contribute to the success of the national CI Ecosystem. The total funding size is 2.26M and SU share is 370K.