Graduate Student Financial Support Policy and Statistics

The department recognizes and values the teaching and research contribution from our graduate students. We offer financial support to new and existing PhD and MS students in the form of teaching assistantship (TA), research assistantship (RA), and fellowship. Each semester, a number of (typically around 35 in the Fall and 10 in the Spring) best qualifying new students, identified by the admissions and financial aids committee, are offered financial support with admission.

The department gives top priority to students who were admitted with full financial support (20-hour TA/RA appointment or fellowship) and PhD students who were admitted without support, but have passed the PhD Preliminary exam. The general departmental policy is to continuously support such students until they graduate, provided that sufficient funds are available. Typical duration of continuous support is as follows.

  • 6 years for PhD students who entered the program without an MS degree in CS
  • 5 years for PhD students who entered the program with a CS MS degree
  • 2 years for MS students

Requirements for continuous funding support

To remain a top priority student (and be continuously funded), the student must

  • Make minimum satisfactory progress toward the degree. For MS students, maintaining a 3.0 GPA and completing the degree within 2 years is considered satisfactory; for PhD students, the minimum satisfactory progress requirement is specified in this document.
  • Satisfy all university requirements for being a teaching assistant, including passing the English speaking test for foreign students.
  • Perform assigned duties (e.g TA/RA duties) satisfactorily and reliably.
  • Inform the department in sufficient advance the desire to be supported and the commitment to the duties assigned by the department.

Statistics of Recent Graduate Student Financial Support

Fiscal Year 2013 2014
No. of MS Students 107 114
No. of PhD Students 60 57
No. of Students with Assistantships 106 123