Xiuwen Liu




Xiuwen Liu
Office: 332A Love Building
Telephone: (850) 644-0050
E-Mail: liux [ at cs dot fsu dot edu ]
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Dr. Lui’s current areas of research are in the broad areas of computer vision and pattern recognition with emphasis on developing effective statistical models and algorithms for computer vision applications, including image understanding, automated target recognition, content-based image retrieval, object detection and segmentation, and real-time vision systems. The activities of the FSU Vision Group focus on research in computer vision that are motivated by psychophysical data and neurophysiological findings. We emphasize that visual modeling is a fundamental problem in computer vision in that visual perception is nonlinear, which makes many of the tools critical for linear systems not applicable. We focus on models which may have great potentials for real-world problems. Research activities at Florida State Vision group are centered around visual information processing from human visual perception modeling, computational models and algorithms for perception problems, to real world applications. Visual information processing is a very complex phenomenon that is involved with prior knowledge stored in memory, modeling of the visual environment, and computation at a given moment of deriving a solution for the purpose of survival and decision making.