ACM Chapter Recognitions

ACM Fall 2015 Programming Contest Winners1. Team Merpity Derp: James Bach2. Team apr-odigy: Abhishek Patel3. Team You down with .cpp?: Will Hadden and Kara Harwas ACM Spring 2016 Programming Contest Winners1. Team team_name: Chase Warrington2. Team KungFu: Yuchuan Tao, Tao Wang, Bolong Zhang3. Team Advertise Here! 20% off!: Shuanglong Zhang, Yilin Wang, Yue... read more

CS Outstanding Teaching Assistants Awarded

At the department’s annual Honors and Awards ceremony held on April 22nd, the department was pleased to present Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards to the following students: Britton Dennis Esteban Parra Rodriguez Shamik Bose Chaity Banerjee Leon Brown Sharanya Jayaraman James Bach Congratulations and the department’s thanks to these dedicated... read more