Scholarship For Service 2015-2016

• Aranya Ajith • Nicholas Clark • Brandon Hillan • Rebecca Powell • Carl Bellefleur • Christian Vazquez • Thomas Clayton • Ricardo Castilla • Samir Yuja • Elliot Mudrick • Mitchell Schmidt • Douglas Hennenfent • Shawn Stone • Ian Michaels • Johann Thairu • Jacob Knoblauch • Connor McLaughlin • Scott Watson • Lindsey Barlett •Yaroslav... read more

Student Publications 2016

• Michael Mitchell, An-I Andy Wang, and Peter Reiher. Cashtags: Protecting the Input and Display of Sensitive Data. • Peixiang Zhao, Charu Aggarwal, Gewen He. Link Prediction in Graph Streams. • Charu Aggarwal, Gewen He, Peixiang Zhao. Edge Classification in Networks. • Sangmun Kim, Zhenhai Duan, Fernando Sanchez. Scalable Name-Based Inter-Domain Routing for Information-Centric Networks. • B. Davis, P. Gavin, R. Baird, M. Sjalander, I. Finlayson, F. Rasapour, G. Cook, G. Uh, D. Whalley, G. Tyson. Scheduling Instruction Effects for a Statically Pipelined Processor. • Escobar-Avila, J., Linares-Vasquez, M., Haiduc, S. Unsupervised Software Categorization using Bytecode. • Escobar-Avila, J. Automatic Categorization of Software Libraries Using Bytecode. •Taylor Brockhoeft, Jennifer Petuch, James Bach, Emil Djerekarov, Margareta Ackerman and Gary Tyson. Interactive Augmented Reality for Dance. • D. Moreau, A. Bardizbanyan, M. Sjalander, D. Whalley, P. Larsson-Edefors. Practical Way Halting by Speculatively Accessing Halt Tags. • Y. Chen, Z. Wang, D. Whalley, L. Lu. Remix: On-demand Live Randomization. • T. Wang, K. Vasko, Z. Liu, H. Chen, W. Yu. Enhance Scientific Application I/O with Cross-Bundle Aggregation. • H. Fu, Y. Zhu, W. Yu. A Case Study of MapReduce Speculation for Failure Recovery. • Lizhen Shi, Zhong Wang, W. Yu, Xiandong Meng. Performance Evaluation and Tuning of BioPig for Genomic Analysis. • M. Liu, A. Mukherjee, Z. Zhang and X. Liu, TBAS: Enhancing Wi-Fi authentication by actively eliciting channel state information. • A. Mukherjee and Z. Zhang. Channel state information compression for MIMO systems based on curve fitting. • Z. Zhang and A. Mukherjee. Friendly channel-oblivious jamming with error amplification for wireless networks. • T. Wang, H.S. Oral, H. Pritchard, B. Wang... read more