Gary TysonDr. Gary S. Tyson is the recipient of the 2015-2018 Harris Professorship in the Computer Science Department at Florida State University. Dr. Tyson was selected by the members of the Faculty Evaluation Committee in recognition of his contributions to the department and the discipline. Dr. Tyson is the director of the Mobile System Laboratory and was the founding director of the Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine. He was also the President of the FSU Faculty Senate from April 2013 to April 2015. Dr. Tyson’s research activities span a broad range of areas from computer architecture and member system design, to medical monitoring technology and genomics.

Since 2006, the Harris Corporation has funded an Endowed Professorship in the Computer Science department that demonstrates the commitment to excellence of the faculty in the department and employees at Harris Corporation. Endowed professorships such as these are important for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty. Through this endowment, we continue to recognize our outstanding faculty and help ensure the best possible education for our students.

Congratulations to Dr. Gary Tyson for all his hard work in the department.