SpearMart Instructions

To get started see the following links:

The second link provides step by step instructions for a shopper to assign a cart. Note: Shopper must have FSU_PO_Shopper role assigned to his/her username in OMNI before the “assign cart” function can be seen/used in SpearMart.

Please note that in order to complete an ordering process, one must maintain a valid OMNI login session.

To get access as a shopper: End user (person shopping) must complete an EORR (Electronic On-Line Role request), which is located/available on the OMNI Portal page under the end user’s OMNI sign on. This must be submitted for purchasing to set up a shopper role to use SpearMart. Note: If end user is not set up as a shopper, end user can not access a shopping cart to assign for ordering.

1. End user submits a shopping cart to Edwina (the requester) AND a purchasing request form (found on the CS website. This form was formerly called the GREETS form, but has since been renamed the Purchasing Requisition (GREETS) Form under resources on the CS website. The purchasing request form must be submitted, in addition to the shopping cart, as the request form contains the budget information required for budget managers to verify available funds, as such, before a requisition can be processed.

2. Once the cart is assigned to Edwina, she receives an email stating that a shopping cart has been submitted. At that point, she print the PRF to enter budget information and locate the shopping cart for that order for approval routing through the OMNI requisition system for order processing.

3. Purchasing receives the order, processes the purchase order and submits the purchase order to the selected vendor for ordering.

4. Vendor receives the order and processes it for shipping.