Minor in Computer Science

Overall Requirement

The Department of Computer Science offers a flexible and yet practically useful minor for students who are interested in applying computational and programming skills to enhance their productivity. Students pursuing a minor in Computer Science may choose any combination of computer science courses offered by the Computer Science Department, including CGS 2060 (or CGS 2100), CGS 3465, CGS 3406 (or COP 3014 or COP 3363), additional COP 3XXX/4XXX, CIS 3XXX/4XXX, CNT 3XXX/4XXX, CDA 3XXX/4XXX, and CAP 3XXX/CAP4XXX to a total of 12 hours, subject to the following:
1) only one of CGS 2060 and CGS 2100 can be counted toward the minor;
2) only one from CGS 3406, COP 3014, and COP 3363 can be counted toward the minor; and
3) at least one programming course from CGS 3465, CGS 3416, COP 3014 (or CGS 3406, or COP 3363). Students must also satisfy stated prerequisites before enrolling in any computer science course. A grade of “C-” or better must be earned in each course counted toward the minor. Please see recommended sequences.

What is a Minor?

A minor in another subject is part of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in certain departments. Unlike a major, a student does not need to be formally admitted to a minor, nor does the minor appear on the transcript. The Department and the Registrar do not have any forms to fill out or any way to register that a student intends to complete a minor in a particular subject. A student who has fulfilled the requirements for any given minor simply claims the minor when requesting a Progress Check with their respective College.


It is up to the student’s major Department or College if they require the student to complete a minor, to verify that the student has completed an acceptable minor. This can be checked using the criteria above.

List of Eligible Courses*

Course Code
Only one of these three is permitted:
CGS 3406 Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (3) MAC 1105 College Algebra
COP 3014 Programming I (3) MAC 1140 Precalculus
COP 3363 Introduction to Programming in C++ for Majors (includes UNIX) (3) MAC 1140
Only one of these two is permitted:
CGS 2060 Computer Fluency (3) None
CGS 2100 Microcomputer Applications for Business/Econ (3) None
Further options:
COP 3353 Introduction to UNIX (1) None
CGS 3465 Introduction to Programming Using Python (3)
Preferred undergraduate prerequisite for MS in
Interdisciplinary Data Science
at FSU.
MAC 1105
CGS 3416 Java Programming for Non-specialists (3) MAC 1105
CGS 3066 Web Programming and Design (3) None
CGS 4067 Intro to Computer Security for Non-CS Majors (3).
Not open to students with credit in CIS 4360.
CGS 2930 Special Topics for Non-Majors (1-3) None
COP 3330 Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming I (3) COP 3363 OR both COP 3014 AND COP 3353. If COP 3014, COP 3353 maybe taken with 3330 as a co-requisite.
CDA 3100 Computer Organization I (3) COP 3363 or both COP 3014/3353. Pre-/co-requisite COP 3330.
CNT 4603 Computer & Network System Administration (3) COP 3014, COP3363, or CGS 3406
CIS 4360 Computer Security Fundamentals (not open to students with credit for CGS 4067) (3) COP 3330
COP 3252 Advanced Programming with Java (3) COP 3330
COP 4342 Unix Tools (3) COP 3330
COP 4530 Data Structures, Algorithms, and Generic Programming II (3) COP 3330 and MAD 2104 Discrete Math I
COP 4710 Theory and Structure of Databases (3) COP 3330 and MAD 2104
Discrete Math I
CEN 4020 Software Engineering COP 4530
COP 4610 Operating Systems COP 4530, CDA 3100

*Full course descriptions may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Possible Recommended Sequences

The following Physical Science Sequence is a rigorous set of courses (essentially the beginning of a computer science major) that is approved and recommended for the minor:

Course Prerequisites
COP 3014 (3) and COP 3353 (1) MAC 1140
COP 3330 (3) COP 3363 or both (COP 3014 and COP 3353)
CDA 3100 (3) COP 3330 (co/pre)
COP 4530 (3) COP 3330 and MAD 2104

The following general sequence is recommended for students in Information and Management Sciences majors.

Course Prerequisites
CGS 2060 (3) or CGS 2100 (1) None
CGS 3465 (3) MAC 1105
CGS 4067 (3) None
CGS 3066 (3) None