Cybersecurity Major in MS in Computer Science Program

Cybersecurity students must complete the undergraduate prerequisites listed below before graduating and will have to complete a subset of these courses before being admitted to the MS Cybersecurity major.

Undergraduate Pre-requisites for MS Cybersecurity degree:

  • CDA 3100 Computer Organization I (3)
  • COP 4530 Data Structures, Algorithms and Generic Programming (3)
  • COP 4610 Introduction to Operating Systems (3)
  • COT 4420 Theory of Computation (3)
  • COP 4521 Secure Parallel and Distributed Computing with Python (3)
  • CIS 4360 Introduction to Computer Security (3)

A student in the Cybersecurity major is required to take the following graduate courses:

  • CIS 5370 Computer Security (3)
  • CIS 5371 Cryptography (3)
  • CNT 5412 Network Security, Active and Passive Defenses (3)
  • CNT 5505 Data and Computer Communications (3)
  • CNT 5605 Computer and Network Administration (3)
  • CIS 5627 Offensive Computer Security (3)
  • CAP 5137 Software Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis (3)

This major also includes the award of a Cyber Security Major Certificate. Students are not required to apply to the general CS MS degree beforehand, and are allowed to directly apply into the Cyber Security Major MS program.