MS (Course-Based Option) Graduation Check List

Below is a brief checklist of items an MS (Course-Based Option) student should complete before graduation:

Degree Requirements Checklist

  • a total of at least 10 courses (30 hours) at or above the 5000 level excluding supervised teaching, supervised research, seminars, DIS, CIS 5915, CIS 5970
  • of the 10 courses, there must be at least 6 with a grade of B+ or better
  • of the 10 courses, there must be at least one course from each of the core areas: Software, Systems, Theory
  • register with the Director of Graduate Studies, at most once, for CIS 8966, MS Comprehensive Exam (withdraw from all but one instance of this if you have registered more than once; withdraw from CIS 8974 or CIS 8976 if you have registered for either).
  • register for graduation at the Registrar’s Office during the second and third weeks of the semester in which you wish to graduate.

Graduation Checklist

  • Complete the departmental online EXIT survey