1998 ACM Southeast Regional Programming Competition

Florida State University ACM Chapter Results

The ACM regional contest was held on Saturday, October 24th 1998 in Gainesville, Florida. FSU turned in an excellent performance from both teams, one of which placed second and the other twelfth. The full list of participants and how well they did can be found at www.ser98.org.

The team members were:

FSU Gold Team (FSU team 1, ranked 2nd)

FSU Garnet Team (FSU team 2, ranked 12th)

Mark Kalmes

Kevin Beason

Shyam Lakshmin

Robert Outlaw

Jason Patterson

Coach: Jeff Bauer.

Contest Diary

Friday Afternoon, October 23rd 

Shyam, Bob, Mark & Jason relax after a few seconds of heavy lifting.

Shyam, Jason & Bob practice programming in the van on the way down.

Coach Jeff keeps his eagle eyes on the road.

The teams pose at the World Class EconoLodge in Gainesville after a grueling 2 & 1/2 hour drive.

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