Contest Diary

Friday Night, October 23rd

Jason, the only one with decent handwriting, practices his calligraphy on our name tags.

We discovered after dropping off our two PCs for tomorrow's competition that the local computer guys will only install a basic VGA video driver unless we leave floppies at each team's table loaded with specific drivers. To the rescue is Mark Connor, FSU CompSci alum who's now in graduate school at UF (Mark's the Mark above Mark).

Saturday Morning, October 24th

The FSU Garnet team, Kevin & Bob, pose near their table. Notice the pretty garnet table cloth. A midnight raid to the local WalMart resulted in nice cloth tablecloths that we bought to cover up the ugly scratched tables. We smugly noted that no other team had covered tables.

Jason, Shyam & Mark pose at the Gold team's table.

The competition was held in a building that's a part of the UF football stadium. Here's the view of Florida Field a mere ten paces from the competition.

And here's the team members showing the proper respect due an arch enemy.

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