FSU COP4610 / CGS 5765
Principles of Operating Systems (Spring 2018)

Andy Wang (awang@cs.fsu.edu)

Teaching Assistants
Erika Dennis and Weiqi Wang (cop4610t@cs.fsu.edu, subject: cop4610)

Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, Operating System Concepts, 9th Edition, ISBN: 978-1-118-55961-1


[Jan 5] Welcome to COP4610!

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1 (1/8/2018)
Experience Survey (Word XP)
Course Syllabus (Word XP)
Course Information (PowerPoint XP)
Introduction and History (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 1 (Word XP)
Reading: Chapter 1

Lecture 2 (1/10/2018)
Concurrency: Threads, Address Spaces, and Processes (PowerPoint XP)
Applying for Graduate Schools (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 3 (1/15/2018)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Lecture 4 (1/17/2018)
Genesis: From Raw Hardware to Processes (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 2 (Word XP)
Reading: Chapter 2

Lecture 5 (1/22/2018)
CPU Scheduling (PowerPoint XP)
Reading: Chapter 6

Lecture 6 (1/24/2018)
Cooperating Threads (PowerPoint XP)
Synchronization (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 3 (Word XP)
Reading: Sections 5.1 - 5.2

Lecture 7 (1/29/2018)
Implementing Mutal Exclusion (PowerPoint XP)
Reading: Sections 5.4 - 5.5

Lecture 8 (1/31/2018)
Semaphores and Bounded Buffer (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 4 (Word XP)

Lecture 9 (2/5/2018)
More on Semaphores (PowerPoint XP)
Exam review (PowerPoint XP)
Project 1 Hints (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 10 (2/7/2018)
Exam 1 (please bring your ID)

Lecture 11 (2/12/2018)
Monitors, Condition Variables, and Readers-Writers (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 5 (Word XP)

Lecture 12 (2/14/2018)
Deadlocks (PowerPoint XP)
Reading: Chapter 7

Lecture 13 (2/19/2018)
Concurrency Conclusion (PowerPoint XP)
Memory Protection (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 6 (Word XP)
Reading: Sections 8.1 - 8.6
Optional: Why threads are a bad idea, by John Ousterhout (PowerPoint XP)
Optional: The Parallel Revolution Has Started: Are You Part of Solution or The Problem (YouTube)

Lecture 14 (2/21/2018)
Address Translation (PowerPoint XP)
Caching and TLBs (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 15 (2/26/2018)
Virtual Memory (PowerPoint XP)
Reading: Sections 9.1 - 9.6

Lecture 16 (2/28/2018)
Device Management and Disk Management (PowerPoint XP)
Homework 7 (Word XP)
Reading: Sections 10.4, 13.1 - 13.3

Lecture 17 (3/5/2018)
File Systems (PowerPoint XP)
Naming and Directories (PowerPoint XP)
Reading: Sections 11.1 - 11.3, 12.1 - 12.4

Lecture 18 (3/7/2018)
Exam review (PowerPoint XP)

Lecture 19 (3/19/2018)
Exam 2 (Please bring your ID)

Useful Resources

Discussion board

Lab resources
Lab Web page
Cross-Referecing Linux

Gary Nutt, Kernel Projects for Linux
Kernighan, Ritchie, The C Programming Language (2nd Edition)
Corbet, Rubini, and Kroah-Hartman, Linux Device Drivers
Tanenbaum and Woodhull, Operating Systems Design and Implementation (3rd Edition)
Maxwell, Linux Core Kernel Commentary
Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems (3rd Edition)

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