There are several very good reasons to major in computer science. First, our majors rarely have any trouble finding jobs (click for details). Computer programming and related skills are more in demand every year and the demand for skilled computer scientists far exceeds the supply as shown in the graph below. These skills are also becoming essential in a wide variety of other disciplines, including almost every area of science and engineering. Computer science related jobs in the United States are still increasing, despite offshoring of some positions. A high percentage of our undergraduate students have part time jobs due to the high demand for their skills even before they graduate. Second, our graduates are well paid. Please peruse the information shown below on this page. While the starting salaries for computer scientists can vary over the years, it has consistently been one of the best paying majors for the last several decades. The graph at the bottom of the page shows that the salaries for new graduates in Computer Science has continued to rise and is the best paying profession for the most popular college majors. Last and most importantly, computer science is fun. Programming is similar to solving a puzzle. Once you get the knack of doing it, the process becomes fun. However, computer science is far more than just programming. Keep reading if you wish to know more about our program and peruse our web pages for a description of the courses in the degree.

Job Openings
Sources: Tabulated by National Science Foundation/Division of Science Resources Statistics; degree data from Department of Education/National Center for Education Statistics: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Completions Survey; and NSF/SRS: Survey of Earned Doctorates; Projected Annual Average Job Openings derived from Department of Commerce (Office of Technology Policy) analys of Bureau of Labor Statistics 2002-2012 projections

In computer science education, whether graduate or undergraduate, currency is essential. Computer science is an exceptionally fast-moving field where knowledge is subject to rapid obsolescence and ideas progress swiftly from research to practice. The department therefore seeks to offer technical instruction that stays on the cutting edge of new developments while simultaneously providing each student with a core of intellectual tools that will never become obsolete. The department views skills in communication, mathematics, and algorithmic reasoning as central and the understanding of underlying principles as more important than familiarity with specific technical products. Still, direct hands-on experience is essential to mastering these skills and principles. If students are to be adequately prepared for careers in computer science, they should have extensive experience with machines and software that are state-of-the-art.

Competitive Salaries

Salaries in this Field
Job Title Average Salary*
Computer Scientist/Engineer $70,590
Systems Analyst $59,180
Computer Programmer $50,590

Source: Tallahassee Democrat, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2005 Click here for Details


67.3% of Scientists employed in the United States are Computer Scientists.

31.8% of Technicians employed in the United States are Computer Programmers.

5.4% of Engineers employed in the United States are Computer Engineers.

Computer related employment accounts for 40.4% of all Scientists, Engineers and Technicians in the United States.

Computer Scientists are paid $3,258 (5.1%) more than the average Scientist.

Computer Engineers are paid $8,656 (13.2%) more than the average Engineer.

Computer Programmers are paid $14,977 (31.9%) more than the average Technician.

Source: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians in the United States: 2001, NSF 05-313, Project Officer, Richard E. Morrison with Maurya M. Green (Arlington, VA 2005).Published May 2005 www.nsf.gov

Compared to Other Careers
Job Title Average Starting Salary
Chemical Engineer $54,256
Electrical Engineer $52,009
Computer Science $51,496
Mechanical Engineering $51,046
Aerospace Engineering $50,071
Industrial Engineering $49,541
Accounting $43,809
Information Sciences $43,732
Civil Engineering $43,462
Economics/Finance $42,802
Business Administration $39,448
Marketing $37,882
Liberal Arts $30,337

Source: CNN.com

Computer Science has consistently ranked among the top starting salaries of all graduating degress. This year, average salary was again up by 2.6% and the starting pay was 17% greater than the average starting salary for a degree in information sciences (Source: CNN.com).

Popular Majors

(Source: “The World,” Time Magazine, August 11, 2008.)

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