LSI/PCC Joint Faculty Evaluation Procedures


Evaluation Procedures for CS Faculty

On the Payroll of Other Units


The following procedures have been approved by the Director of the Learning Systems Institute (LSI), the Dean of the Panama City Campus (PCC), and the Chair of the Department of Computer Science (CS), for the annual evaluation and duty assignments of faculty members holding appointments in the LSI and the PCC who are also members of the Department of Computer Science. In this description the LSI Director or PCC Dean are described as the home unit administrator.

Discussions between the CS Department Chair and the home unit administrator will occur as the evaluation is drafted.

The faculty member will submit “Evidence of Performance” as required in Section 9.4.1 (d) Faculty Handbook 1991, to the home unit administrator to be used in the evaluation process. Input from department evaluation committees, department chair, and the may be used in the evaluation. The employee, the department chair, academic dean and the home unit administrator will sign the employee’s evaluation.

The input from the CS Department Chair will include the report of the CS Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC), based on the same evaluation procedures as are used for other members of the department. In order to permit the FEC to perform its evaluation, the home unit administrator will provide the CS Department Chair with:

  • copies of annual Assignment of Responsibility forms for the current year
  • copies of annual Evaluations for the preceding years

In addition, the individual faculty member will provide the FEC with the other contents of the Faculty Evaluation Binder, as prescribed in the CS Faculty Evaluation Procedures.

After my meeting with the faculty member being evaluated, the home unit administrator will draft a letter of evaluation for the department chair’s review and input. The home unit administrator will also recommend results on the standard Evaluation Form. If the department chair wishes to make modifications, the two either meet in person or by phone to discuss the evaluation.