PhD Graduation Check List

Below is a brief checklist of items a doctoral student should complete before graduation:

Degree Requirements Checklist

  • Two courses from each of the core areas of Software, Systems, and Theory (total of six core courses)
  • At least four courses past the MS degree requirements with at least a B- in each
  • Pass CIS 8962, Qualifying Exam
  • Pass CIS 8964, Preliminary Exam
  • Be admitted to candidacy at least 6 months prior to the awarding of the degree
  • Defend a prospectus and submit a defense result form to the Graduate Coordinator. Defense result forms are available in 203 LOV.
  • Satisfy the residency requirement of at least 24 hours of graduate credit in a 12-month period after completing 30 hours at the graduate level or after receiving the MS degree
  • Complete at least 24 hours of CIS6980, Dissertation, with a minimum enrollment of 2 credit hours of Dissertation each semester after being admitted to candidacy until completion of degree.
  • Register, at most once, for CIS 8985, Dissertation Defense, and withdraw from all but one instance if you have registered for this more than once
  • All requirements for the doctoral degree must be completed within five years from the time the student passes the preliminary examination, or the student’s supervisory committee will require that a new preliminary exam be passed.
  • Register for graduation at the Registrar’s Office during the first two weeks of the semester in which you wish to graduate

Defense & Graduation Checklist

  • Determine the manuscript approval deadline, the manuscript submission deadline, and the defense deadline. These change each semester & are available on the Registrar’s web site under the FSU Academic Calendar as well as GradSpace in Canvas.
  • Submit the dissertation to the doctoral committee at least 4 weeks in advance
  • Please see the “Manuscript Clearance” section within GradSpace in Canvas for all deadlines, required forms, format guides, and other information and resources.
  • Schedule defense (at least 2 weeks in advance):
    • Reserve room (typically 151 Love) with the CS senior secretary
    • Reserve PC cart (if needed) by signing up on calendar on the door in the copy room in 260 Love
    • Complete the defense announcement form found on GradSpace (due no later than two weeks before the defense date).
    • Inform Eleanor McNealy of title, room, and time of defense so she can send out the notification
  • Obtain the CS Defense Result Form (“green form”) from outside Eleanor McNealy’s office (203A). Take this form with you to the defense to record the outcome of the defense.
  • Have all the Graduate School required forms with you at the defense for signatures. These are all found in GradSpace.
  • Return the CS Defense Result Form to the CS Graduate Coordinator, Daniel Clawson.
  • Bring all the Graduate School required forms (Final Degree Clearance Form, Manuscript Signature Form, etc.) to Daniel Clawson. Make sure they have ALL required signatures from you committee chair, committee, and department chair. He will forward the forms on to the dean’s office and/or graduate clearance advisor.
  • Make sure your manuscript is submitted to the Graduate Clearance Advisor over in the Graduate School by the deadline listed in GradSpace.
  • Submit an electronic version (pdf) of the project to the CS webmaster (webmaster [at cs dot fsu dot edu]) and the Graduate Coordinator (clawson [at cs dot fsu dot edu]).
  • submit a copy of your resume which includes all publications, to the Graduate Coordinator, Daniel Clawson (clawson [at cs dot fsu dot edu]).
  • Complete the departmental EXIT survey (sent electronically towards the ent of the semester)
  • If your employment plans are uncertain when completing the EXIT survey, inform the CS Director of Graduate Studies via email when those plans are complete