General Graduate Degree Requirements

Please review all college-wide degree requirements summarized in the “College of Arts and Sciences” section of the FSU Graduate Bulletin.

  • Unless specifically admitted into the part-time graduate program, all students are required to maintain full-time enrollment (at least nine (9) semester hours per term for TAs and RAs, nine (9) semester hours per term for international students, and twelve (12) hours otherwise, excluding Summer) in courses related to their program of studies throughout the entire program of study (except term of graduation). The student must receive a grade of “B-” or better on all graduate courses taken to satisfy the minimum requirements of either graduate degree. Once these minimum requirements are met, however, it is permissible to take any subsequent courses on an S/U basis.
  • Upon joining the department, each graduate student is assigned an advisor by the director of graduate studies. At least once each semester the student is required to meet with the advisor and complete the departmental advising forms. Completion of these forms becomes part of the graduation check. For those students completing a thesis, project or dissertation, a major professor will be selected by the student once a topic for such is chosen. At this point the major professor takes over the advising responsibilities. For those master’s students in the course-based option, the advisor initially assigned continues in the advisement role. Advising forms stay with the advisor (major professor) until the graduation check.
  • All candidates for doctoral degrees in the department are required to participate in teaching activities at some time during their graduate careers unless waived by the department chair. All students participate in an exit interview with the chair or associate chair or director of graduate studies during the term of graduation.