Overview of Computers and Programming

Main Components of a computer

Memory Concepts

Programming, and Programming Languages

Building Programs

Software development

Involves more than just writing code

Basic Creation and Execution of a C++ program

  1. Create source code with a text editor, store to disk
  2. Preprocessor -- Part of compiler process, performs any pre-processing tasks on source code
  3. Compilation -- syntax checking, creation of object code
  4. Linking -- Final stage of the creation of an executable program. Linking of object code files together with any necessary libraries (also already compiled)
  5. Execution of program

Integrated Development Environments

Programming is about Problem Solving

A sample C++ program

#include <iostream>                     /* pre-processor directive */
using namespace std;

int main()                              // main function, start of program
  int year = 2015;                      // an integer variable declaration
  char entry;                           // a character variable 

  cout << "Welcome to C++ Programming" << year << '\n';  
  cout << "Enter 'x' to quit: ";
  cin >> entry;                         // read input from user

  cout << "Goodbye!\n";
  return 0;                             // return value to operating system
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