Header for Assignments

You must use the header format below inside a comment at the top of each of your files for homework submissions in this course
/* Name: (Your Name)
Date: (The Date)
Section: (Your section)
Assignment: (Assignment#)
Due Date: (Due Date)
About this project: (write a small blurb about what this project's goals are/what tasks it accomplishes)
Assumptions: (write any assumptions made here (ex: assumes correct user input))

All work below was performed by (Your Name) */


  • Every function the student writes on homework assignments (besides main()) must have both a declaration and definition, not just a definition
  • NO global variables (this means no variables declared outside of any function, including main() )
  • NO system calls
  • NO goto statements
  • Follow the rules of each assignment as closely as possible
  • GREAT HW ADVICE (if i do say so myself)

  • Always keep an untouched copy of your finished homework files in your email. These files will have a time-stamp which will show when they were last worked on (a timestamp from the CS servers) and will serve as a backup in case you ever have legitimate problems with submitting files through blackboard. Do this for ALL programs.
  • NEVER send your work to anyone.
  • If you need help with homework, feel free to: attend office hours, email your tA, or email Melina.