POSIX/Ada Real Time (PART) Project

The objective of the POSIX/Ada Real-Time Project was to advance the state of knowledge and practices in real-time systems through basic research, publicly available tools, and portability standards.

The project was funded by a series of contracts and grants from many sources, including Boeing (1987-88, 1990-91), the Office of Naval Research (1994-1995), the US Army CECOM (1988-92, 1995-96), the Ada Joint Program Office (1991-98), and the Defense Information Systems Agency (1997-99). When the funding ran out, the project was carried on by volunteer student work for a while, and then gradually shut down.

For more information on the history and products of the PART Project, visit the following links:

  • Gnat, the Gnu Ada translation system.
  • GNARL, the GNAT tasking implementation
  • JGNAT, the JGNAT Java-based Ada tasking runtime system
  • Florist, the POSIX.5b Ada binding
  • POSIX.5b Validation Test Suite
  • FSU POSIX Threads Library, developed by the PART project. One version is available as part of the GNAT Ada compiler distribution, from ftp.cs.nyu.edu and other sources. FSU Pthreads is maintained by one of the original authors, Frank Mueller, who is currently on the faculty at NC State University. For more details on Frank's further developments based on FSU Pthreads, and sources, see http://wmoss.csc.ncsu.edu/~mueller/pthreads/.
  • IRTAW99, the 9th International Real-Time Ada Workshop, hosted by the PART Project
  • lxr/source/2.4.20/linux/bttv-0.9.11
  • People who have worked on the PART Project
  • The PART project provided technical and editorial support the IEEE POSIX Ada bindings standards (P1003.5, P1003.5b, P1003.5c). This included development of the FSU Threads Library, prototypes of many of the POSIX real-time extensions using Sun Microsystems' Solaris 2.5.1 source code, Florist, and the POSIX 1003.5 test suite. During that period Dr. Baker served as Chair of the POSIX 1003.5 Language Bindings Working Group, under the IEEE Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC), and as Project Editor responsible for seeing the POSIX Ada bindings through the ISO/IEC standardization process.

    I apologize that the FSU Department of Computer Science has discontinued public ftp service. If you need of a copy of any of the old PART Project technical reports, please contact me by e-mail () and I will search my personal archives for a copy of the report you want.

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