Andy Wang's Collection of Fun Links


Odd and weird merchandise:
Bacon chocolate bar, kimchi chocolate, Guinness chocolate, the world's largest gummy bear, chocolate pasta, Sudoku toilet roll, giant plush microbes, USB drive?

Moses, Oh mine, I'm on someone's mailing list, It's not worth it..., That's him...

Rabbit tiger, sheepish pigs, a day in the life of Star Wars characters via LEGO, police dog in training, Google holiday logos, bunny at work, squirrel, arrest, cat eyes, bodyscapes, texture mapping of Linux pengiuns, an O'Reilly publication

Animated GIFs:
Dancers, dancing cat

Web sites:
Yoda-speak generator, Despair, Inc.,

Short jokes:
One day..., the atheist, Juan comes...

Long jokes:
Haiku, English is tough stuff, musings about English, improving English spelling, on a cruise ship..., anagram, oil and water, is there a Santa Claus?, Simpsons, standard disclaimer

Short multimedia streams:
Angry Yoga, Red panda, matrix ping pong, Duetto buffo di due gatti aka Duet of the Cats by Lorin and Terry Wey, BP spills coffee, Store Wars, domino, evil twin, rowing, advertisement avenue, kung fu, yatta (Windows),


Felix Baumgartner's Sonic Boom Jump, 10/15/2012
Hummingbirds, 2011
Cat vs. internet, 2011
War pigs, 12/7/2011
List of common misconceptions, 12/7/2011
How to compute Pi by throwing hot dogs, 11/7/2011
How Area 51 hid secret craft, 5/20/2011
Atmosphere above Japan heated rapidly before M9 earthquake, 5/18/2011
Robots successfully invent their own language, 5/17/2011
Kitten vs. a scary thing, 5/9/2011
An apartment transforms into 24 rooms, 5/7/2011
Nose stylus, 5/4/2011
Lego style apartment, 4/25/2011
Navy shows off powerful new laser weapon, 4/9/2011
Deer protects mother goose, 4/8/2011
Cure for baldness, 4/2/2011
Creepy app, 3/30/2011
Former truck driver deciphers top secrets of first atomic bombs, 3/30/2011
Authorities in awe of drug runners' jungle-built, kevlar-coated supersubs, 3/29/2011
Cats with thumbs, 2/28/2011
Composible sneakers, 2/22/2011
Chess music, 2/14/2011
Student attends school as a robot, 2/2/2011
Everyday looper, 1/24/2011
3D food printer, 1/21/2011
Your lying eyes, 1/19/2011
Music = dopamine, 1/18/2011
Man tunnels into GameStops, steals games, 1/17/2011
Ophiuchus, the 13th zodia sign, 1/14/2011
The mathematics of beauty, 1/10/2011
Carbon free city, 1/5/2011
How to be popular on Facebook, quantified, 12/26/2010
Top 10 things you can't have for x'mas 2010, 12/22/2010
8-year-olds publish scientific bee study, 12/21/2010
Pythagoras not a math genius by Babylonian standards, 12/17/2010
Lego Antikythera mechanism, 12/9/2010
Solar powered hornets, 12/6/2010
New bacteria redefines 'life', 12/2/2010
Hundreds of previously unknown Picassos found in France, 11/30/2010
Being too clean can make people sick, 11/29/2010
Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process, 11/28/2010
XM25 Rifle, 11/28/2010
Crapuccio, 11/26/2010
Teacher bans students from bringing pencils to school, 11/19/2010
4D invisibility cloak, 11/16/2010
USB--Satan's data connection, 11/15/2010
The mosquito laser, 11/12/2010
People spend half their waking hours daydreaming, 11/12/2010
3D bioprinter, 11/11/2010
The waterless washing machine, 11/11/2010
The seed cathedral, 11/11/2010
Deep green underwater kite, 11/11/2010
Spray-on fabric, 11/11/2010
Power-aware cord, 11/11/2010
First synthetic cell, 11/11/2010
The straddling bus, 11/11/2010
Sony Alpha A55 Camera, 11/11/2010
Science figures out how cats drink, 11/11/2010
Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean, 11/9/2010
Win 'Wheel of Fortune' with just one letter, 11/8/2010
Cats playing patty-cake, 11/8/2010
Scientists convert skin to blood, 11/8/2010
Queen to launch British Monarchy page on Facebook, 11/7/2010
Trapped in an elevator, 11/7/2010
Mobile phone kits to diagnose STDs, 11/5/2010
Harry Potter blamed for India's owl crisis, 11/3/2010
Facebook shows why you might get dumped before Xmas, 11/2/2010
Car produced with a 3D printer, 11/2/2010
Future technology predictions, 9/14/2010
LG Optimus hyper facade, 9/8/2010
No one knows, 2/9/2010
Pollution perspective: one cargo ship emits as much as 50 million cars, 4/15/2009
Lego battleship Yamato, 4/13/2009
Cat massage, 3/2/2009
Lego tank, 2/27/2009
Google fighter jet, 10/24/2008
Riverdancing chimps, 11/1/2007
FBI Releases Document Confirming Roswell UFO, 3/22/1950


Seaweed, 7/30/2010
Words, 6/30/2010
Synesthesia, 6/14/2010
The Huber experiment, 6/14/2010
Birds on the wires, 9/6/2009
Andy Wang's random art gallery


The new cool cars, 10/17/2010
Portaledge camping, Redwood Empire, California
Transformer owl, 3/23/2008
Plane coming out of water, 3/15/2008
Sonic boom, 3/13/2008
Octopus camouflage, 3/12/2006

Not Your Average Toys:

Lego imperial flagship, 1/4/2011
Lego printer, 6/2/2010
Lego Rubik's cube solver, 2/15/2010
Rubber band machine gun, 2/25/2008
Flying lawnmower, 8/31/2007
Lego technic off-roader
Testors Harley-Davidson Road King
Mathematical lego sculptures, 7/3/2002

Odd News:

Things your chef doesn't want you to know, 11/1/2010
How can you tell when a CEO is lying?, 10/18/2010
5 times we almost nuked ourselves, 10/17/2010
Robbers clean up with vacuum, 9/23/2010
Eating evidence, 11/22/2009
The state of humanity, 11/5/2009
Germans wearing same underwear for 7 days?, 2008

Random Facts:

Best jobs in America, 10/1/2010
Collective nouns,
Etymologically Speaking,
The origin of words and names,
The first smiley,
The English language: words borrowed from other languages,
General interesting facts

Not Funny:

Sink hole, 5/31/2010
Sugar: the bitter truth, 7/30/2009
The story of stuff
Peak water
Investigation casts light on the mysterious flying black triangle, 8/5/2002
Space rock 'on collision course' 7/24/2002

A World of Wonders:

Petra, 3/14/2010
Into the universe with Stephen Hawking, 2010
Mobius strip
If we had no moon, 8/11/2009
Computing beyond turing by Jeff Hawkins, 5/8/2008
Animal hypnosis and trances, 4/7/2008
The Rosslyn Stave angel music cipher, 5/1/2007
An eternal baby, 2007
Theo Jansen creates new creatures, 2007
The map of the creator, 6/11/2002
Latest privacy threat: monitor glow, 5/14/2002
Space elevator, 3/29/2002
Noah's Ark, 9/29/2001
Pharaoh's Obelist, 2/8/2000

Kewl Inventions:

Driverless van, 10/28/2010
Robot hands without fingers, 10/25/2010
YouTube text mode, 4/1/2010
The 50 worst inventions, 2010
High-speed robot hand, 8/3/2009
Hula chair, 11/25/2007
Plastic made from corn, 8/1/2006
Lunar power, 3/6/2006
The museum of unworkable devices, 3/30/2003
Refrigerators to cool with sound, 12/4/2002
Using your computer to repel pests, 7/31/2002
Talk...without speaking, 3/28/2002
Digital fountain, 3/21/2002
Power via coastal wave motion, 3/20/2002
Alan Kay's Squeak, 3/7/2002
Museum of ancient inventions, 10/1/2001

Tax Dollars Well Spent:

Allies used math against German tanks, 10/26/2010
Proving 1 = 0.999..., 10/14/2010
Chewing gum may make you smarter, 4/22/2009
The secret you. consciousness
Cracking the Maya code, 8/11/2008
Regrowing body parts, 3/22/2008
RoboStrider, 8/26/2003
Why are eggs, egg-shaped?, 4/11/2002
Soldiers snack on 3-year sandwich, 4/11/2002
Water-only thin films in space, 3/26/2003
Signals that cause hair follicles to sprout, 3/20/2003
Solution to the 'spinning egg' problem, 3/29/2002
Sit. Speak. Good photon!, 3/29/2002
NASA scienctists create amino acids in deep-space-like environment , 3/27/2002
Uniform that makes soldiers invisible in the works, 3/14/2002
LED lights: friend or foe?, 3/6/2002
Harddisk sound system, 2/16/2002
The robot sheepdog project, 3/3/2001

Nice to Have:

World's most expensive home, 10/29/2010
Self-cleaning glass, 11/27/2007
PawSense, 4/2/2002


Jumbo hostel--a jet converted to a hostel, 12/31/2008
Cats gone wild, 12/5/2008
Corporate anthems, 4/3/2008
Harder better finger stronger, 1/20/2007
Laser magician, 1/19/2007
A collection of famous software bugs, 5/2/2002
Do felines have instrument preferences?, 4/2/2002
Wierdest case mod you've ever seen, 3/29/2002
Google prefers DRAM to hard disks, 2/3/2002
The great moon hoax, 2001


Louvre, Musee Rodin, Notre Dame, Musee Marmottan Monet, Musee d'Orsay, Aix en Provence, Chateau des Baux, Saint Paul-de-Vence, Fragonard

Sagrada Familia, Casa Batilo, Park Guell, Montserrat

Accademia Gallery, St. Peter's Basilica, Pompeii

Newgrange, Giant's Causeway, Blarney Castle

Schloss Elmau, Neuschwanstein Castle

Banff, Quebec

Northern California:
Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf

Southern California:
Legoland, Shoreline Village, Art Center College of Design, Crystal Cathedral, Lost Adventures Corn Maze, The Cat House

St. Augustine, Wakulla Springs State Park, Florida Caverns State Park, St. George Island


Cafe de Paris

Ristorante Buca San Giovanni

Bricin, Queen or Tarts, Murphys Ice Cream, McDonaghs

Michael's Santa Monica, The Stinking Rose, Skates on the Bay

La Famiglia, Reangthai, Georgio's, La Hacienda II, Le Cellier Steakhouse, International House of Food, Osaka, Kool Beanz, Au Peche Mignon,


Destino, The Secret of Kells, Toy Story 3, Iron Man, Ponyo, Up, The Dark Night, Wall-E, Ratatouille, The Bourne Ultimatum, Batman Begins, Frida, The Emperor's New Clothes, Amelie, Cast Away, The Red Violin, K-PAX, Princess Mononoke, The English Patient, Saving Private Ryan, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Matrix, Titanic, Sabrina


Happy by William Pharrell, Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, Everything at Once by Lenka, Blank Space by Taylor Swift, Shake if Off by Taylor Swift, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, Style by Taylor Swift, Hey, Soul Sister by Train, Please Don't Go by Mike Posner, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, Love the Way You Lie by Eminem, Here without You by 3 Doors Down, Viva La Vida by Coldplay, Speed of Sound by Coldplay, Just Breathe by Anna Nalick, Desert Rose by Sting, Right Here Right Now by Jesus Jones, Drops of Jupiter by Train, Dreaming by OMD, Secret by OMD, Leuchtturm, Si Demain by Bonnie Tyler and Kareen Antonn, Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall, Dreams by The Cranberries, Stop and Stare by OneRepublic, Apologize by OneRepublic, The Animal Song by Savage Garden, I Want You by Savage Garden, The Fear by Lily Allen, RockStar by Nickelback, The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani, Cool by Gwen Stefani, Hot N Cold by Katy Perry, Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby, Clock by Coldplay, Run by Milk Inc., A Different Corner by George Michael, I Get Weak by Belinda Carlisle, Breathe Your Name by Sixpence None the Richer, Forever Young by Alphaville, You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson, Crazy for You by Madonna, Bette Davis Eyes, Fantasy by Mariah Carey, Here with Me by Dido, Kiss from a Rose by Seal, I Could Never by Roxette, Dear Jessie by Madonna, I Like Chopin by Gazebo, We Belong by Pat Benatar, Cherish by Kool & The Gang, All Night Long by Lionel Richie, Stuck on You by Lionel Richie, Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper, Only in My Dream by Debbie Gibson, Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen, Heaven by Bryan Adams, All I Want by Toad the Wet Sprocket, California Gurls by Katy Perry, Not Fair by Lily Allen, Smile by Lily Allen, I'd Die Without You by P.M.Dawn, Wishing I Was There by Natalie Imbruglia, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, Under Pressure by Jedward and Vanilla Ice, Other Side of the World by KT Tunstall, Four in the Morning by Gwen Stefani

Heavy metal:
Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi, Hole Hearted by Extreme

Fireflies by Owl City, Like A G6 by Far East Movement, Heaven by DJ Sammy, Why by DJ Sammy, One and One by Robert Miles, Sunlight by DJ Sammy, Castle in the Sky by DJ Sammy, Time after Time by DJ Sammy, Blue by Eiffel 65, Crazy Frog, I Like It by Enrique Iglesias, Escape by Enrique Iglesias, Rhythm of the Night by Corona, Bizzare Love Triangle, Jealousy by Pet Shop Boys, What Have I Done to Deserve This by Pet Shop Boys

New Age:
Sadeness by Enigma, Children by Robert Miles, Return to Innocence, Rain Man, The Rivers of Belief, Age of Loneliness, Storms in Africa by Enya, Marbal Halls by Enya

Love songs:
All of Me by John Legend, Liebe ist by Nena, Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis, Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer, You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift, Love Story by Taylor Swift, Crazy in Love by Kim Carnes, Kissing a Fool by George Michael, More than Words by Extreme

On Golden Pond, The Velocity of Love by Suzanne Ciani, For You by Pieces of a Dream, Small Happiness, Why by Annie Lennox The Way It is by Bruce Hornsby

The Mom Song, Everyone's Free, Masochism Tango, Waxies Dargle


The Peter Principle
The Dilbert Principle
John Wooden's Pyramid of Success
Fortnight Milestones, 2008
John Ousterhout's favorite sayings, 2007
Things you should never do, 2000


Daily Crossword Puzzle
Yahoo Game Room
The Way of the Exploding Stick


Miramar air show, 10/18/2002-10/20/2002
RC warship combat , 9/21/2002
Cirque Du Soleil