Florida State University
Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Approved Syllabi and Curricular Change Forms

This directory contains copies of approved course syllabi, and curricular change request forms for Computer Science courses. It is provided for reference by the instructors who teach the courses, and for reference by the undergraduate curriculum committee when considering curriculum changes. If you don't find the syllabus for a particular course here, that means we have not been able to locate the original .doc or .pdf file. We are working on getting scanned images of the approved files from the Dean of the Faculties. Until then, check with Ted Baker or Betty Stanton to find out if we have hard copy.

Instructors: You are only bound by the documents in the first column (Approved Syllabus). Please do not imitate the documents in the next column (Example Syllabus). Those are the syllabi as they were submitted when the course was first approved. University rules about syllabi have since changed. If you imitate those old syllabi you will be in violation of University policies!

Note that only course numbers shown with gold background are allowed to be credited toward the bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
CAP 4601Introduction to Artificial Intelligence .pdf       .pdf  
CAP 4730Computer Graphics            
CAP 5415Principles and Algorithms of Computer Vision .pdf          
CAP 5605Artificial Intelligence            
CAP 5615Artificial Neural Networks            
CAP 5625Relational Methods in Knowledge and Software Engineering            
CAP 5632Automated Reasoning            
CAP 5638Pattern Recognition            
CAP 6417Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision            
CAP 6616Autonomous Behavior in Artificial Neural Systems            
NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
CDA 3100Computer Organization I .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CDA 3101Computer Organization II .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CDA 4150Computer Architecture .pdf   .pdf   .pdf  
CDA 4503Introduction to Computer Networks .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CDA 5140Fault Tolerance and Reliability            
CDA 5155Computer Architecture            
NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
CEN 4010Software Engineering Principles and Practice (replaced by CEN 4021) .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CEN 4020Software Engineering I .pdf   .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CEN 4021Software Engineering II .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CEN 4012rMentored Software Project .pdf          
CEN 4516Distributed Systems and Networks .pdf          
CEN 4681Expert Systems            
CEN 5000Knowledge Management and Data Engineering            
CEN 5026Applicative Foundations of Software Engineering            
CEN 5035Software Engineering            
CEN 5055Project Development            
CEN 5064Advanced Software Design            
CEN 5066Software Engineering in Graphics            
CEN 5515Data and Computer Communications            
CEN 5521Networking Personal Computers            
CEN 5720Computer-Human Interaction            
NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
CGS 2060Computer Literacy            
CGS 2064Computer Literacy II            
CGS 2100Microcomputer Applications for Business/Economics            
CGS 3066Introduction to Internet Technology            
CGS 3403Introduction to COBOL Programming for Business            
CGS 3406Object-Oriented Programming in C++ .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CGS 3408Introduction to Programming with the C Language            
CGS 3416Java Programming for Nonspecialists .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CGS 3460FORTRAN for Nonspecialists            
CGS 4406Object Oriented Programming in C++            
CGS 5067Advanced Navigating the Internet            
CGS 5266Digital Design            
CGS 5267Principles of Computer Organization            
CGS 5275Assembly and Machine Language            
CGS 5409Object-oriented Programming in C++ for Non-majors            
CGS 5425Object-Oriented Programming with Data Structure            
CGS 5426Programming Language Concepts            
CGS 5427Algorithm Design and Analysis            
CGS 5428Relational Database Theory            
CGS 5429Introduction to Computer Theory            
CGS 5469FORTRAN for Graduate Nonspecialists            
CGS 5765Principles Operating Systems            
CGS 5822Applications of Information Technology with Java            
NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
CIS 3931rIntermediate Topics in Computer Science            
CIS 3943rInternship in Computer Science            
CIS 3949rCooperative Education Work Experience            
CIS 4360Introduction to Computer Security .pdf          
CIS 4250Ethics & Computer Science .pdf .doc  .pdf
and rubric .pdf
and rubric .doc
and OC form .pdf
and OC form .doc
CIS 4361Applied Computer Security .pdf          
CIS 4362Network Security and Cryptography            
CIS 4250Ethics and Computer Science (Proposed) .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CIS 4407Computer and Network System Administration .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
CIS 4900rDirected Individual Study            
CIS 4930rSpecial Topics in Computer Science            
CIS 4933rHonors Work            
CIS 5357Network Security, Active and Passive Defenses            
CIS 5370Computer Security            
CIS 5371Cryptography            
CIS 5406Computer and Network Administration            
CIS 5900rDirected Individual Study            
CIS 5910rSupervised Research            
CIS 5915rGraduate Software Project            
CIS 5920rColloquium            
CIS 5930rSelected Topics in Computer Science            
CIS 5935Introductory Seminar on Research            
CIS 5940rSupervised Teaching            
CIS 6900rDirected Individual Study            
CIS 6930rAdvanced Topics in Computer Science            
CIS 6935rAdvanced Seminar in Computer Science            
CIS 8962Doctoral Qualifying Examination            
CIS 8974Master's Project Defense            
NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
COP 2721Introduction to Database Systems and Internet Services            
COP 3014Programming I .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 3252Internet Applications Programming with Java .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 3330Object Oriented Programming .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 3331Object Oriented Analysis and Design (replaced by CEN 4020) .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 3344Introduction to UNIX .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 3502Introduction to Computer Science            
COP 4020Programming Languages .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 4342Unix Tools .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 4530Data Structures, Algorithms and Generic Programming .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 4531Complexity and Analysis of Data Structures and Algorithms .tiff          
COP 4610Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming .pdf          
COP 4613Real-Time Systems            
COP 4710Theory and Structure of Databases .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COP 4813Web Applications Programming .pdf   .pdf   .pdf .doc
COP 5570Advanced UNIX Programming            
COP 5611Operating Systems            
COP 5621Compiler Construction            
COP 5622Advanced Topics in Compilation            
COP 5641Kernel and Device Driver Programming            
COP 5642RealTime Systems Theory and Practice            
COP 5725Database Systems            
COP 5818Distributed Applications Development            
NumberTitleApproved SyllabusExample SyllabusForm
COT 4420Theory of Computation .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc
COT 4425Formal Methods in Software Engineering .pdf          
COT 5310Theory of Automata and Formal Languages            
COT 5315Programming Language Foundations            
COT 5405Advanced Algorithms            
COT 5410Complexity of Algorithms            
COT 5421Theory of Computability            
COT 5507Analytic Method in Computer Science            
COT 5540Logic for Computer Science