Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Meeting Minutes Wednesday 10/12/2005 by A. Ford, Chair

Attending:  Ken Baldauf, Daniel Chang, Ann Ford, Steve Leach, Betty Stanton, Robert van Engelen, Alec Yasinsac

- Proposal for COP 4530 data structures textbook (Kartik)

- Proposal for COP 4531 textbook (Piyush)

Regarding both of these proposals, we agreed that the consideration of textbooks by the committee needs to be accomplished using a more structured process.  We agreed to write up a statement of what the basic goals are in textbook choice, and also provide an online form for faculty to fill out when they wish to make a request (Ann will write; will contact department webmaster and Dave W. about posting form on line).  We agreed that all of the faculty involved in teaching a particular course should provide input when a textbook change is requested, especially with core courses.  Cognizant faculty for a course should agree on the final proposal submitted to the committee.

These two requests, due to time constraints, will be handled now before the form process is set up.

- Revision of bulletin course descriptions and pre-reqs (Steve, Ken took first steps
already) ; note Lois needs up to date descriptions for 8 courses due to graduate program
changes of some courses to S/U

Steve and Ken worked up a list of courses which need paperwork filed due to changes.  Steve volunteered to work on paperwork for about 15 classes involved and Ann will assist.  Input from faculty in the form of old and new syllabi will be solicited from faculty teaching particular courses.  It is crucial the syllabi that faculty provide contain all of the information FSU and the state require, or proposals can be rejected.

Goal: get paperwork to college science area committee for their November meeting (mid-November)

- Liberal Studies program science requirement - plan try to get one or
more of our courses to fulfill this
note Dave W. talked with Dean and Dean was fine with this idea

Daniel C. will work on writing up proposals and paperwork for COP 3502, non-majors, to fulfill the Liberal Studies Natural Science requirement at FSU.  This would potentially boost enrollment in this course. 

Link to currently approved courses:


Goal: get proposal to science area committee for their November meeting (mid-November)

These topics deferred to future meetings

- Core content of COP 3502 and Advanced Literacy (Ken, Daniel C.)
Possible three course series with CGS 3066 Intro to Internet Technology

- idea of making Advanced Lit an allowed course for the minor in CS

- offering of COP 2721 Intro to Database Systems and Internet systems