Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Meeting Minutes Monday 9/24/2007


Committee Members: Ken Baldauf, Chris Lacher, Daniel Schwartz, Ann Tyson (Committee Chair)

Non-Committee Members: Robert Arnold, Ted Baker, David Gaitros, Betty Stanton, Sara Stoecklin, David Whalley

Three topics were discussed at the meeting. Details follow.

1. Should Software Engineering I and Software Engineering II be required for all CS majors?


SE I has already been approved to replace COP 3331 in the curriculum

SE II has already been approved to replace CEN 4010


Sara described the contents of the SE I and SE II courses.

Ted pointed out that in recent student exit polls, COP 4020 "Programming Languages" was often listed as a course they felt they learned the least from.

Ideas discusssed: Delete COP 4020 from CS requirements, but keep it as an elective.  Betty pointed out perhaps it could be used as one of the "programming language" electives.  This was debated and there was no agreement.

MOTION: make SE II required for all CS majors

VOTE: 4 yes; unanimous

MOTION: remove COP 4020 as a requirement for CS major, to make room for the new SE II course requirement

VOTE: 3 yes, 1 abstain

Comments: Several people suggested that COP 4020 be allowed and encouraged to evolve, under the direction of cognizant faculty, into a course which students see as more valuable.  It was suggested that students who want to to to grad school should be encouraged to take COP 4020.

2. Should oral presentation requirement be in SE I, or SE II, or both?


Oral presentation is currently required in COP 4020 and CEN 4010.

SMALC currently lists oral presentation as an outcome of COP 4020.

Discussion and Plan:

Remove oral presentation requirement from COP 4020. Remove from SMALC.

Include oral presentation requirement in SE I.  Add this to SMALC.

3. Should recitation sections be eliminated for CS major courses which have less than 40 students (so called "small" classes, as opposed to "large" classes).  Or, as an alternative, should whether or not to have a recitation be left up to the course instructor?


It was pointed out that some courses are effectively meeting 4 hours per week for 3 credit hours.  This does not make financial sense to the department and students may find such CS classes don't grant adequate credit for the work/time involved.

Some courses, e.g. programming courses COP 3014, COP 3330 and COP 4530, may need recitations regardless of how many students are enrolled, due to the role that recitations fill.  The idea that those courses should be 4 credit hours came up however this is unlikely as it would impact on entire curriculum and also other departments.

All agreed to defer this topic to a full faculty meeting as it requires more general discussion.

Minutes Prepared by A.  Tyson September 25, 2007