Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Meeting Minutes Wednesday 3/20/2006

Attending:  Ken Baldauf, Ann Ford (Chair), Piyush Kumar (part), Chris Lacher, Steve Leach, Daniel Schwartz, Robert van Engelen, David Whalley

Two topics were discussed at the meeting. Details follow.

1. Textbook Request for use in spring 2006 in COP 3330


The book approved by the UCC in Feb 2005 for COP 3330 was

Starting Out with C++, Standard Version, Tony Gaddis, Scott/Jones, 4th edition, 2005 update.

That book is now in a 5th edition with a minor title modification (contents and chapters are the same overall); also another publisher bought the rights to the book, so the book which was therefore already approved for 3330 for fall 2006 and beyond is:

Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures to Objects, Tony Gaddis, 5th edition, 2007, Addison-Wesley. ISBN is 0-321-40939-6.

Piyush Kumar and Chris Lacher requested that they be allowed to use a different book for COP 3330 for spring term 2006. That book is

C++ Primer, Lippman, Lajoe, Moo, 4th edition, 2005, Addison-Wesley Professional, ISBN is 0201721481.

The committee voted to approve use of the Lippman book by Piyush and Chris in Spring 2006.  Chris may still make a choice between the Gaddis book and the Lippman book.

Note regarding courses leading into COP 3330: this spring term, CGS 3408 is being taught in C using Deitel's C How To Program 4th edition.  This summer 2006, CGS 3408 will have two lecture sections.  The first will be taught in C++ and will use the Gaddis book described above.  The second will be taught in C and will use the Deitel C book.

2. UCC Charter

Proposed Charter for UCC was approved and we agreed to have it placed on the department web site.  The charter will be placed on the web site at the URL http://www.cs.fsu.edu/resources/.

Minutes Prepared by A.  Ford March 20, 2006