Some Information Security Bookmarks of Justin Childs

Emphasis on Security Protocols or Cryptographic Protocols

last modified May 8, 2000

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Individual Home Pages + Small Academic Groups

Tygar's home
Sri's Home Page
Thomas Woo at Bell Laboratories
Simon S. Lam
Jim Alves-Foss Faculty Page
Ross Anderson's Home Page
Myla Archer - PVS: TAME
Giampaolo Bella's Home Page
Daniel Bernstein Crypto Intro
Mihir Bellare's Homepage
Steven M. Bellovin
Steven M. Bellovin -- Papers
Simon Blake-Wilson's home page
Colin Boyd's Home Page
Stephen Brackin Arca Systems, Inc. | Projects/Papers
Professor Randy Y. C. Chow Home Page
John Clark's home page at UoY CS
Don Davis' Publications in Cryptography and Computer Security
G. Denker
Dorothy Denning's Home Page
Yvo G. Desmedt's Home Page
Sven Dietrich's Home Page
Prof. Danny Dolev
N. Durgin
Edward W. Felten
Oded Goldreich : HomePage (at MIT)
Papers on ZK by Oded Goldreich
Kai's Homepage
Li Gong's Home Page
Joseph Y. Halpern's Publications
Tzonelih Hwang publication list
Neil F. Johnson's CSIS Home Page
Mike Just
P. Lincoln
G. Lowe
Lewis McCarthy's Bookmarks
Wenbo Mao's Home Page
Keith Martin
F. Massacci
Lewis McCarthy: Another Home Page
Alfred Menezes - Home Page
Jonathan Millen
Jonathan Millen-CAPSL-Common Authentication Protocol Specification Language
Chris Mitchell's home page
John Mitchell Home Page
David Monniaux
Home Page for Clifford Neuman
Pekka Nikander's research home page
Larry Paulson
Bart Preneel's home page
Ronald L. Rivest : HomePage
A. Scedrov
Steve Schneider publication - CSP, protocol verification, PVS
Bruce Schneier Publications
Victor Shoup's Home Page
Gene Spafford's Abbreviated Homepage
Diomidis Spinellis Publications
Diomidis D. Spinellis home page
Doug Stinson's Home Page
S. Stoller
Stuart Stubblebine's Home Page
Home Page of Paul Syverson
paul syverson or syverson - ResearchIndex citation query
Gene Tsudik -- Publications Gene Tsudik -- Publications
Henry Tzeng
David Wagner
Tom Wu's Home Page
Dr Lam Kwok Yan's Home Page - No papers to download
Alec Yasinsac

Reference Web Pages

Link Farms

Ronald L. Rivest : Cryptography and Security
IBM -> Security : Library
Lewis McCarthy's Bookmarks
Lewis' Cryptography and Computer Security Links
COAST Hotlist: Computer Security, Law and Privacy
Cipher Magazines Interesting Links
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Security and Encryption
Authentication & Key Establishment Protocol Design & Analysis Citations
Crypto Links from SSH
Security and Encryption Links
SSH - Cryptography A-Z
ACSA Information Security Bookshelf
Lewis McCarthy's Bookmarks
Downloads: Security References
Cryptography Research -- Crypto Resources from
Martin Abadi's Mosaic Hotlist
Internet Security Resources - ComputerWorld

Electronic Libraries

IDEAL: International Digital Electronic Access Library
Services: Library Homepage (MPII)

Paper Databases

Index of Crypto Papers Online - from
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
On-line CS Techreports

Cryptography Scientist Contact Lists/Home Page Info Sites

HPSearch - Find any CS Author Home Page, has 41k+ pages
Welcome to Hypatia
Cryptography Research -- Crypto Author Sites
Jan's List of Cryptographers
List of Korean Cryptographers
Cryptographers + Web pages of interest to cryptography researchers

Conference and Journal Sites

Internet Computing: IEEE Journal
Conferences on Semantics and Abstract Interpretation
DB&LP: Conferences & Workshops
Journal of Computer and System Sciences
IEICE Trans. Search System
Index of (Many) conference proceedings
ACM Digital Library: Proceedings of the tenth annual ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing
DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition


Welcome to Springer
Springer LINK: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Springer LINK: LNCS/LNAI - Contents
Springer LINK: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Papers from Second Annual Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography
ScienceDirect - Computer Networks : Internet security architecture
1999 Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols Program
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
CRYPTO Publications - NRL
SRC - Research Reports
Crypto related publications online
Theory of Cryptography Library
Publications of the Network Security Group
Security Research at IBM Zurich Research
DIMACS Workshop on Design and Formal Verification of Security Protocols: Program
1995: A Practical Cryptographic Approach - Proceedings
Journal of Cryptology
IEEE Cipher - Security and privacy: journal and newsletter papers
Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols Program
Securing Communications on Intranets and over the Internet White Paper from
Publications of the IBM Network Security Group
Dr. Dobb's Journal
DIMACS Workshop on Design and Formal Verification of Security Protocols: Program
DIMACS Workshops: 1996-2000 Special Focus on Networks
Designs, Codes and Cryptography
Cryptography Research -- CRYPTO & EUROCYPT Conference Papers Online
1996 National Information Systems Security Conference
1997 National Information Systems Security Conference

IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshops

CSFW: Table of Contents
CSFW: Table of Contents
CSFW'97: Table of Contents
CSFW: Table of Contents
CSFW '96: Abstracts


Selection of Computer Science Bibliographies - on UniversitĄt Karlsruhe's site
DBLP Bibliography
Links to Bibliography Services according to DBLP
Computer Science Bibliography Collection Advanced Search
Cipher - Newsletter of the IEEE CS TC on Security and Privacy
Information Survivability for Critical Infrastructure Protection - Computer Security
Microsoft Security Advisor Program: Security White Papers
Network Defense
The Privacy Page from
IETF Home Page
IBM Systems Journal - 37-1, Internet Computing - Table of Contents
IBM T.J.Watson Cryptography Research Group
USENIX - Symposium on Network Security

Security Groups

Cambridge Computer Security Group - Research Topics
CRYPTO Publications from CHACS
Computer Security Group at Cambridge
Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design - Working Group
Computer Security Group - Seminars & Meetings
SEMPER Home Page
Bell Laboratories Secure Systems Department
Secure Internet Programming Laboratory
COSIC - COmputer Security and Industrial Cryptography
Cryptography and Information Security Group (CIS Group) Home Page
Cryptography and Security Laboratory (CSL)

PVS & Theorem Proving & Logic

Empirical analysis of decision procedures for modal logic
Modal Logic - Stanford Def.
The HOL System
Cambridge FTP Area for HOL
Objective Caml - ML implementation
A Less Elementary Tutorial for the PVS Specification and Verification System
The Logics Workbench
Isabelle Distribution Area
CryptoLog: A Theorem Prover for Cryptographic Protocols
Fast, Automatic Checking of Security Protocols
Deduction - Automatic Proofs, Logic
PVS Version 2.3 Announcement
CS323: Common Sense Reasoning in Logic, Fall 1999

Lectures - And Summaries

USENIX ;login: - Summaries
CERT«/CC Information Survivability Workshops
Summary of the 7th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop - Gong
Security Lectures by Ross Anderson
Lecture 4: Logics and Models for Reasoning about Authentication .

Protocol Descriptions

Link Lists & Paper Lists

Uni-GH Siegen - Security-Server - Internet-Security
Standards in Security and Cryptography
RSA Labs FAQ - Where can I learn more about cryptography standards?
SSH - Tech Corner - Cryptographic Protocols and Standards
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Communications and Networking:Protocols
RSA Security | Standards - Protocols Overview
Publications of the Network Security Group - with quite a few PROTOCOL papers
Crypto Protocols links by Helger
Ronald L. Rivest : Cryptography and Security - Protocols & People

Monetary Transactions - Includes Set

NetCheque(SM) network payment system
Electronic Commerce
Mercus Project: E-Commerce w/NetBill,NetCheque,CAFE,ECash,NetCash,CyberCash,AnonCreditCard
MilliCent Microcommerce Network
Money Protocols
USC NetCash anonymous network payment research prototype


SET Secure Electronic Transaction LLC
Get ready, get SET, go! Secure Electronic Transactions
MasterCard International - What is SET?
IBM Payment Suite : Cryptography and SET - Part 1


Kerberos and Network Authentication Services
Kerberos V5 System Administrator's Guide - Table of Contents
Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Computer Networks
Kerberos Papers and Documentation
Kerberos References
Kerberos, Designing an Authentication System: a Dialogue in Four Scenes
Kerberos V5 UNIX User's Guide - Table of Contents
Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol


SPEKE: A Strong Password Method
Integrity Sciences, Inc. SPEKEÖ Strong Password Authentication
SPEKE: Simple Password-authenticated Exponential Key Exchange A cryptographic method for strong password authentication
Publications of Integrity Sciences-SPEKE & B-SPEKE

IETF drafts and rfcs + other related standard websites

Cisco - An Introduction to IP Security (IPSec) Encryption
IP Security Working Group News
A security architecture for the Internet Protocol IPSEC
IPSec Documents Categorized
Active IETF Working Groups
IP Security--IPSec
SSL 3.0 Specification
SSL 3.0 Specification
Directory of /in-notes -Include Internet RFCs
Directory of /internet-drafts
Internet RFC/FYI/STD/BCP Archives
IKE-IETF 1998 - rfc2409
IKE from IETF - draft01
rfc2437 - PKCS #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.0
rfc2408 - Internet Security Association and Key Management Prot
rfc1352 SNMP Security Protocols
A Hybrid Authentication Mode for IKE
IKE Base Mode
rfc2412 - The OAKLEY Key Determination Protocol
rfc2065 - Domain Name System Security Extensions
S/MIME - IETF - cert. handling
Publications on Strong Password Authentication
SRP: The Open-Source Password Authentication Standard
Security Protocol Workshop'97
SKIP IP-level Encryption
Sirene Home Page
SSH - Products - SSH Secure Shell - SSH2 Specifications
SSH - Front Page - SSH 2.0 Protocol Specifications
Optimistic Fair Exchange Project

Protocol Analysis

Link Lists

Authentication & Key Establishment Protocol Design & Analysis Citations
Crypto Protocols - Helger Link Farm
Authentication Logic Papers listed by Helger
Cryptographic protocols - Monniaux Paper Selection


ACM Digital Library: Adding fair choice to Dijkstra's calculus
A Logic of Authentication by Burrows, Abadi and Needham
Vulnerabilities of Reliable Multicast Protocols
Fast, Automatic Checking of Security Protocols - Paper
Security Protocols over Open Networks and Distributed Systems: Formal Methods for their Analysis, Design, and Verification


Verification using LOTOS
Verifying Cryptographic Protocols for Electronic Commerce - Paper - Randall W. Lichota
Closing the Idealization Gap with Theory Generation
Webs of Trust û Representations
Formal Methods
The Spi Calculus
Index of /Workshops/Security/program2/
Towards Extensional Goals in Authentication Protocols
Fast, Automatic Checking of Security Protocols
Security risk profile for interconnected open distributed systems with varying sensitivity
Using Formal Methods for Analyzing Security - Edmund Clarke
Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols Program
Security Protocols over Open Networks and Distributed Systems: Formal Methods for their Analysis, Design, and Verification
A Logic of Authentication by Burrows, Abadi and Needham
Analysis and design of off-line electronic payment systems
Security risk profile for interconnected open distributed systems with varying sensitivity
CIS: The Random Oracle Model
Trust In Cyberspace, Nat'l Academy Press, 1999
Finite-State Analysis of SSL 3.0
CryptoLog: A Theorem Prover for Cryptographic Protocols
A Symbiotic Relationship Between Formal Methods and Security
Towards Extensional Goals in Authentication Protocols

Security Companies

Welcome To Network Alchemy
The WWW Security FAQ
SSL Resource Center from PHAOS
The Worldwide Leader in Internet Security Development - (888) 99-PHAOS or (212) 514-6515
Netscape Security Center by VeriSign: Security on the Internet
Welcome To RSA Security Inc. -- The Most Trusted Name in e-Security: Authentication, Encryption, and Public Key Services and Solutions
SecurePay-Web Commerce Solutions
NAI Labs
Key Mastery
Tripwire Security Systems, Inc.
JAWS Technologies Inc | Information & Data Security Solutions
Entrust Technologies -- We Bring Trust to e-Business
Downloads: Security References
SSH - Front Page
Zero-Knowledge Systems | Home of Freedom, Internet Privacy Software that transparently encrypts and anonymizes your Internet traffic
CyberCash, Inc. Home

Simple/Fun Crypto Stuff

The Journal of Craptology Home Page
National Computer Systems Security Award Speech
Cyphernomicon Contents - Cypherpunks on Crypto
Beginners' Guide to Cryptography
Web Chi Square Calculator
The MIT IAP Mystery Hunt Puzzle Page
The Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge
MIT Mystery Hunt
Simple Ciphers, Intro Crypt, Entropy, gamblers dillemma

Computer Security

Crypto '95 Invited Talks by Morris and Shamir
Computer Security Information
CERT« Coordination Center
CIAC Security Website
Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into it
Introduction To Capability Based Security
International Association for Cryptologic Research
Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)


Strengthening Passwords

College Classes

Lectures - Carnegie Mellon CS class
15-827 Security & Cryptography Carnegie Mellon


Letters on SSN use
State of Oregon vs Randal Schwartz computer security case
Internet Society (ISOC): All About The Internet
Welcome to
(CDO) Security - Network Security
Report by the Expert Committee on Cryptography