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The Security Research Group is a group of graduate and undergraduate students who are interested and willing to research information security issues. The group, led by Dr. Alec Yasinsac, meets to share research with each other, and to present and discuss various security related topics, some of which include:
  1. Wireless Security.
  2. Privacy.
  3. Forensics.
  4. Security Protocols.

There is a strong base of interest in wireless security in the security group. Our researchers strive to find innovative and practical ways to secure the growing amount of wireless communications. The group works at discovering and discussing new and old ways of dealing with security in Ad hoc Networks and other wireless communications.

As the information world becomes more and more accessible, the need for increased privacy is growing steadily. The security group works to present new or improved ways to aid this constantly changing topic.

The only way for the information security world to continue to defend against new attacks is to examine and evaluate previous attacks. The security group discusses how different attacks work and how to better combat them. This also helps to find flaws in the current systems and how to correct them.

Security protocols today are constantly changing and growing. The security group researches these protocols in order to better understand how different information security approaches work. The security protcols are fundamental to security and understanding them not only helps to better understand the concepts of information security, but also helps to develop new ways to improve existing methods of security.

We are also interested in examining practical applications of the technologies and concepts that we investigate. We hope to produce systems that detect and deter computer and network-based attacks, and to produce policies and procedures that will facilitate catching and prosecuting perpetrators.