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Alec Yasinsac
Alec joined the FSU Computer Science Department in the fall of 1999. His primary research interests are in wireless network security, security protocols, forensic computing and intrusion detection. 

Graduate Students

Ilkay Cubuku
Ilkay joined the security group in the spring 2001 semester. She is interested in wireless communications and security issues associated with the Wireless Access Protocol.

Yanet Manzano
Yanet completed her
Honors Thesis in Computer and Network Forensics in April 2000. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Science in May 2001 and continues in the security group.  Her interests are in counter-hacking, computer forensics, and intrusion detection.

Khandys Polite
Khandys returned to the FSU Computer Science Department in the fall 2002 semester under a DoD Information Assurance Scholarship.

Undergraduate Students

Will Upchurch
Will joined the group in the Fall 2003 semester, pursuing an undergraduate thesis as part of the FSU Honors in the Majors program.

Don (DJ) Scott
DJ is the newest member of our group, joining in the Summer 2003 semester, also pursuing an undergraduate thesis as part of the FSU Honors in the Majors program.

Security Group Alumni

John Marshall, May 2003, TR030502

Kristin Burke, May 2003, TR030503

Anna Suen, May 2003, TR030502

Stephen Carter, December 2002, TR 021202

Tysen Leckie, December 2002, TR 021203, BSEADS project code

Jenny Frazier, April 2002, TR-020403, Project Presentation

Raja Ramaswamy,April 2002, TR-020602, Project Presentation

Nikhil Patel, Dec 2001, TR-011203

Marion Bogdonav, Dec 2001, TR-011202

Sachin Goregacker, July 2001, TR-010703

Alex Melendez, July 2001, TR-010701

Mike Runy, May 2001, TR-010502

Yanet Manzano, May 2001, TR-000902 (Senior Project)

Justin Childs, July 2000, TR-000703

Young Scholars

Robert Reyes, July 2001

Jason Levin, July 2001

Matthew Morris, July 2001

Will Gross, July 2000