FSU Security Research Group


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          The Florida State University Security Research Group was founded in August 1999, with the main focus to investigate concepts that enable and improve security in information systems.  The emphasis is on three things: establishing effective security policies, facilitating security through infrastructure tools, and facilitating security at the application level.  Working as a part of the Security and Assurance in Information Security Laboratory (SAIT Lab) at FSU, the focus of the group is providing logically secure electronic communication channels using cryptographic methods.  The group works on topics such as Public Key Infrastructures, Intrusion Detection Systems, Security Protocols, Computer and Network Forensics, and Wireless Security.

          The group’s focus on providing secure channels also extends to the exploding field of security protocols Hundreds of new protocols are developed each year with limited ability to verify their effectiveness. The focus in this area is developing tools and principles that facilitate secure channels for infrastructure components and at the application level.

Much of the research done in the security group is related to theoretical aspects of their fundamental characteristics. The group is also investigating the application of these and other technologies to enhance our understanding and confidence in the secure channels. Formal Methods are widely used in software engineering and to verify properties of critical systems. They have also been shown to be effective in identifying flaws in protocols.