This assignment has been designated by the Department of Computer Science for assessment of certain expected outcomes for its degree programs, as required by our accreditation agencies, the University, and the State of Florida. Departmental policy does not permit a final grade of "C-" or better to be assigned unless the student has earned a grade of "C-" or better on this assignment, regardless of performance on other work in the course.

Presentations are scheduled at recitation time in the recitation classroom. Recitation attendance is mandatory. An attendence sign-up sheet will be distribtuted at each recitation. There is some time left by the end of the recitation section for questions on the lecture material and projects.

Oral Presentation and Presentation Paper Requirements

An oral classroom presentation is required by each student, see the presentation schedule below. The presentation material (the presentation slides) together with a paper describing your investigation of the topic should be submitted for grading at the end of the term before exam week starts:

Departmental policy: You need to earn a grade of "C-" or better for the oral presentation and a "C-" or better for the written paper to pass this course.


Students with disabilities will be given an alternative option for the oral presentation. Please contact the instructor to discuss these options.


The format of the oral presentation is electronic in a format of your chosing that works on the computer in the recitation classroom. However, visual aids such as images, tables, and graphs must be presented in a clearly understandable format. You may use the whiteboard (or blackboard) if you wish to comment on questions, but you must not depend on them.

The presentation paper should have a title page (with title, author, and date), a short abstract that summarizes the content in one paragraph, an introduction section that states the question/problem to investigate with a discussion on how you approached the problem, the paper body (several sections), a conclusion that summarizes your results and findings, and a bibliography of references to papers and web sites you consulted.

Evaluation and Grading

The grade breakdown of the presentation component of the course (10% of the total final grade) is 5% credit for the oral presentation and 5% credit for the paper.

The evaluation of the quality of the presentation (as well as the paper) will take into account the originality, relevance, and currency of information that you present, as well as the clarity of the presentation. The presentation will be scored according to the following.

Oral presentations will be graded using the following criteria (50 pts possible):

To address all issues in the topic description you need to find resources for your presentation, such as textbooks, Web sources (you can trust), and/or technical papers (when applicable). Consult these resources to prepare a presentation that explains what your topic is about and what it does. Suggested is to add a bit of history that explains the origin and/or the context of the topic, when applicable.

Please be prepared to start on time when you are presenting. If you get started late not only will you lose points, but we will have difficulty finishing within the class period.

A presentation will be graded with 0 points if you don't show up, or spent less than 8 minutes on your presentation, or if your presentation material is not legible.

In general, to get a good grade for the oral presentation, you must (1) be familiar with the presentation equipment BEFORE your presentation and be ready to start on time, (2) give presentation within the 10 to 15 minutes time limit, (3) speak clearly, (4) use visual aid appropriately that enhances the presentation (e.g. figures must be readable by the audience), (5) have a good presentation flow (good organization), (6) go into sufficient and appropriate depth (audience must have some idea about the technical details in the topic that you present; at the same time, you should not bore the audience with unnecessary details).

The presentation paper will be graded using the following criteria (50 points possible):

The paper length is not limited, but should be at least four pages of double-spaced 11pt font.

Warning on plagiarism: do not copy/paste material without properly quoting the text and citing the recourses. For example, if you found a definition of a term in a paragraph that you would like to refer to, use the common citation requirements: "...sentence..." [ref], where ref is a citation in your bibliography. Note that quotes are needed when you copy text literally.

Presentation schedule and topics