CIS4930/CDA5125: Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Systems

Spring 2013


Lecture time Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:25pm-2:15pm

Lecture location 103 Lov Building

Instructor Prof. Xin Yuan, 168 Love Building, 644-9133,

Office hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:30pm-11:20pm, or by appointment.

Textbook There is no required textbook.

Reference materials

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Class Mailing List I will maintain a mailing list for the course related information such as announcement, homework, etc. Please check both the course web site and your email at least once in two days throughout the semester.

Course rationale This is an introductory course to the parallel and distributed systems and programming.

Course description

This course systematically introduces parallel and distributed systems and programming. It is an early adopter of the NSF/IEEE-TCPP Parallel and Distributed Computing Curriculum. As such, the course follows the NSF/TCPP Parallel and Distributed Computing Curriculum with four classes of the topics: architecture (15 hours), programming (20 hours), algorithm (5 hours), and cross-cutting/advanced (5 hours).

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to enable you to:



Homework will be assigned from time to time. Small programming assignments will be given. There is a term R&D project, which includes in class presentation and a project report. Programming assignments and the term project are to be done by individuals or groups of two students. There will be a midterm and a final exam. The grade points are distributed as follows: The final letter grade will be assigned based on the relative performance. It is expected that half of the class will receive A or A-.

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