COP 3353: Midterm Review Checklist of Topics Covered

This is a list of topics intended as a checklist to help you recall what topics and commands have been covered

General Concepts

Files / Pathnames

Format of Unix commands

File permissions

Unix text editors

Shell Commands Covered

Command Description Flag options
You should
be able to
ls List files -l
list the contents of a directory
do a "long listing" showing file details
list the invisible "dot-files" in a directory
cd Change directory   change to another directory, using any style pathname
change to your home directory
cat Concatenate (to standard output)   print contents of one or more files to screen
use with output redirection to concatenate files into a single file
more a viewer, to view file contents   use this command to view a file
describe how it works
less a viewer, to view file contents   use this command to view a file
describe how it works (and differs from more)
touch create a file, or update time stamp   use this command to create an empty file
use this command to update a file's time stamp
pwd Show current directory   display the pathname of the current working directory
mkdir Make directory   Create a directory
rmdir Remove (empty) directory   remove an empty directory
cp copy a file (or directory) -r copy a file to another filename
copy one or more files to another location
copy an entire directory with a single command
mv move a file (or directory)   move a file or directory to another filename (i.e. rename it)
move one or more files to another location
move an entire directory to another location
rm delete (remove) -r delete one or more files
delete a directory and all of its contents<
wc Word count -c
count the number of characters/words/lines in a file
print the length of the longest line in a file
passwd Change your password   change your password
man Manual pages   view the manual pages of other unix commands
date Date command   print the current date
chmod Change permissions   set permissions for files and directories,
using both forms of the command that were discussed
diff print the difference between two files -b
print the lines that differ between two text files,
with possible variations of treating multiple spaces as one,
ignoring any white space on lines, and/or
ignoring upper/lower case
gzip and gunzip compress/decompress a file gzip -d
(same as gunzip)
compress a file with gzip
decompress a file with gunzip
explain how this differs from the Windows .zip format
tar tape archive utility c
create a tar archive, packing up files and/or directories
unpack the contents of a tar archive file
list the table of contents of a tar archive file
describe the meaning of the flags given here

Input/Output redirection